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Monday, December 31, 2012

So much to look back on from this year and so much to look forward to in the new year. I did things to be proud of and did things not to be proud of this past year. But the key word is PAST. I am leaving it all in this year and starting fresh and new in the new year.

This past year I lost over 50 pounds! This coming year I want to lose close to 20 (give or take).
This past year I gained a new healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercise. This coming year I want to continue and grow in that.

As one of the main things today on SparkPeople they have the January Jumpstart Workout Challenge. I've tried this a few times but have never stuck to it. I think I'll try it again this year. lol! Here is the 1st week's action plan:

Week 1 Action Plan
emoticon Do one 10-minute toning video each day. Follow one of these routines each day (all you'll need is a pair of dumbbells), starting today! If you have more time, repeat the video once or twice for greater benefit. Get your workout videos.
emoticon Do 5 cardio sessions this week. In addition to your toning videos (above), plan for cardio exercise any five days of the week. Aim for at least 10 minutes, but if you've been exercising for awhile, shoot for 30 minutes. Get cardio ideas.
emoticon Track your workouts. Make sure you are tracking your workouts on your Fitness Tracker. This will keep you accountable and help you see your progress over time!
emoticon Learn how to earn your trophy. By completing this challenge and tracking your goals in the "Jump-Start Your Fitness" SparkTeam, you'll be eligible for a special SparkTrophy at the end of the month. Get trophy tips here.

Maybe I will post the action plan and my progress in my daily blogs to help me complete them.

I have 11 resolutions so far. I think I'll add one more. I want to add Complain less, Compliment more. Wait, make that 2 more. I also want to keep the random acts of kindness as something to try and do here and there through out the year. Not just around holidays or tragedies. But to make it a goal to do some sort of random act of kindness around once a week or so. I could blog about it when I do to motivate me to continue with it and maybe inspire others to join me. My little way of paying it forward.
ok, now I feel like I need to add one more because that would bring it to 13 resolutions. Nothing like starting off the new year with an unlucky number. lol! Hmmm.. I know!!

Resolution #1: NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
Resolution #2: BE PROUD!!! BE POSITIVE!!!
Resolution #3: COUNT DOWN! (I found a desktop widget to help me with this! 174 DAYS TIL DISNEY CRUISE! :) )
Resolution #4: Do SOME sort of exercise everyday. Wether a few crunches, 10 minutes or an hour of cardio or an hour of yoga. DO something to benefit your health (mind, body, and spirit) Start TODAY!!! And EVERYDAY!!!
Resolution #5: TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!!
Resolution #6: STOP CHEATING!! Gain Self Control and Willpower
Resolution #7: Continue BLOGging! (#7 & #3 go together like 2 birds of a feather) :)
Resolution #8: 15,000 FITNESS MINUTES IN 2013!!
Resolution #9: AVERAGE 15,000 STEPS A DAY!!
Resolution #10: Keep working on Tracking EVERYTHING!! Food and water and weight and fitness. EVERYTHING!! I CAN DO THIS!!!
Resolution #11: RAW WEDNESDAYS!!!
Resolution #12: Complain less, Compliment more.
Resolution #13: Regular Random Acts of Kindness
Resolution #14: Write more letters! Start actually handwriting and mailing out a letter at least once a month!

I will turn all of these into goals and work them into weekly, monthly, etc. somehow. This will be a great year! I WILL MEET MY GOALS!!! I WILL WORK HARD! I WILL MAKE MYSELF PROUD!!! I WILL BE AN INSPIRATION TO THOSE AROUND ME TO HELP OTHERS GROW AND BE PROUD OF THEMSELVES TOO!! This year I will help spread motivation and happiness and joy and love. I will do my part in making my little corner of the world a better place. I CAN DO THIS!!! I WILL DO THIS!!!! Here's to a wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, dynamic year ahead!!!!

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