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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hey guys. I just wanted to check in super quick while I'm awake and upright. I'm really sorry I haven't been around. I have totally had the time, but I just have not had the gumption or wherewithal because I've been SO sick.

On the 20th, I started feeling a little sickish. A little headache and a tickly throat type of thing. I thought it was the beginning of a cold.

I was wroooooooong. It was the beginning of the onset of an extremely aggressive strain of Influenza. By midnight on the 21st, I was running a fever of 102 degrees. Just absolutely cooking in my own juices. I took some medicine and went back to sleep, fitfully.

I pretty much spent that whole weekend in bed, but had to get up and get to work for Christmas Eve, the 24th, because I was the only one scheduled to work our department that day. It was a busy day, but I did okay... I kept the fever at bay by continually dosing myself with medicine - no break in meds, no fever! That ... totally works, right?

I went to the family Christmas for a few hours on the 25th, and I worked the 26th, 27th, and 28th. In all honesty, I should have stayed home all week, but there was just too much to do. I got up for work, napped on my lunch break, and as soon as I got home, I went to sleep. I have TRIED but have not been ABLE to work out since the 20th.

Just... everything hurts. All the time. My throat swells almost closed at times (overnight), my ears are both killing me, my head thumps, my lungs burn, my nose runs almost constantly - except when it's plugged... augh.

As of Friday, I have been officially on vacation. I don't go back to work until the 8th.

Yesterday, I got on antibiotics because my fever came back with a vengence - my virus has opened the door for a bacterial infection! Woo hoo. The size of my tonsils has decreased and I can semi-breathe through my nose.

I hope I'm better soon. Shaina comes home tomorrow: we pick her up at the airport at 2:30. I'm starting to feel a little better now that the antibiotics have had about a day to work, but I'm still really in and out. I can stay awake for about 6 hours at a time now, which is a huge improvement.

The "good" thing about having been sick for EVER is that I've lost a few pounds. I'm at 220 right now. I'm not counting them in my tracker because I'm certain that once I go back to eating normally, I'll gain some of it back. I haven't been able to eat anything but bananas, pudding, yogurt, Popsicles, broth, mashed potatoes, kraft dinner... soft stuff in small portions, hardly anything healthy. Of course, only being awake for a few hours a day helps.

I just want you guys to know that I have NOT given up! I have NOT quit! I am NOT ever going to give up. I'm just sicker than a wet kitten right now, and I can't hold my head up long enough to do much. Right now, I'm just trying to avoid hospitalization and dehydration. We're counting how many ounces of water I'm drinking, and I do okay - about 80 ounces of liquid, counting water, 7up, and broth in a day.

I will be back in FULL force on January 8th, after I get healthy and Shaina goes back to Washington. I love you all! Keep pushing!
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