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What's going to be different about 2013?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year after year I read many well-intentioned blogs about New Year's Resolutions and goals. I've even reread some of my OWN. Too often many if not MOST of these are unrealized. One of my team challenges is to blog about my goals for 2013. It would be easy to tick off a list (that would look surprisingly similar to LAST year's) but a list is no closer to a reality that a blueprint is to a house.

What's the missing link? Let's look at that blueprint. To take a blueprint to a house there must be:

1) funding and permits
2) land
3) building materials
4) laborers
5) an orderly progression from foundation to finished interior
6) moving the furniture and belongings into the new house

What this says is that resolutions or goals are only the beginning and that time and effort are required to realize the dream!

Here's my list for 2013 broken down into categories:


1. Continue to work out at both the gym and home.
2. Set a daily minimum of 30 minutes of cardio.
3. Set a minimum of 60 minutes of cardio 3 x week.
4. Strength training 3 x week.
5. Walk at least once a week outdoors rain, snow or shine.
6. Participate in one official 5K (walking) in 2013.
7. Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym to help set up a strength training program.
8. Use my fitness DVD's and/or Wii games to add additional fitness minutes to my day.


1. Significantly reduce the white flour, rice and sugar in my diet.
2. Continue to drink water as my main beverage
3. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables and legumes into my normal diet.
4. Try one new healthy recipe a month.
5. Track my food faithfully weighing and measuring everything!


1. Continue to de-clutter the house/basement/garage.
2. Identify items to sell/donate.
3. Sell ONE big item a month on Craig's List.
4. Schedule one monthly charity pick-up.
5. Go through my closet and get rid of ALL clothing that is too big or too small and out of style (other than my wedding dress, etc.)
6. Clean out the pantry.
7. Get the exterior trim painted in the spring.


1. Store the holiday decorations.
2. Clean and mulch all beds in the spring.
3. Plant annuals in beds and pots.
4. Weed and feed the lawn in the spring and fertilize in the fall.
5. Use sealant on the porch bench or replace.
6. Get the driveway sealed in the spring.


1. Finish 6 counted cross stitch projects.
2. Practice piano daily.
3. Read more.
4. Work puzzles.
5. Do more photography.
6. Hike more.
7. Do more geocaching.
8. Go on a picnic once a month May - Sept.


1. Read my bible daily.
2. Pray daily.
3. Participate in a women's bible study.
4. Find more ways to serve my church/commuity


I'm not going to set a specific goal for weight loss in 2013. I'm only going to say weigh less on Jan. 1, 2014 than on Jan 1. 2013. Progress in all the above areas will result in progress in this area.

There it is. That's the blueprint. Now I need to gather resources, schedule my activities, and GET BUSY!

It's going to be a great year!

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