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Something. Every. Single. Day.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is a "misery loves company" blog.

I have been bad-bad-bad over the holidays.

Christmas eve, started feeling sick. Took a walk with child. Ate Chinese. Please note, this is the last time you will see any mention of exercise.
Christmas day. Feast at MILs
Boxing Day. Child's birthday. Cake! Pizza!
Thursday. Bring parents to airport. Wendy's drivethru. I didnt need both a chili AND a sm cheeseburger. (Skipped fries and got water tho - teeny victories.)
Friday. Visiting Aunt & Uncle before cousins (at their house) go back home. Lasagna! Cookies! Still sick. Completely lose voice.
Saturday. Driving thru snowstorm to get home. Late arrival, starving. Bad food choices. At least I went to bed early to try and recover.
Sunday (today). Here there be bagels. Tonight, part 2 of Child's birthday celebration (family party) Lasagna! More Cake!
Monday/ New Year's Eve at my SILs. I will make hummus. I will try, but I'm terrible at controlling myself at buffets and usually apply the "dont get in the situation in the first place" strategy. But not so possible here.

Fortunetly, New Year's is the end of it. I have had Something Every Single Day which has added up to a mountain of food, no exercise and general BLAHs. So looking forward to getting back on the wagon.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am beginning to think there is no fool proof method for dealing with the Holidays! But then again, maybe that is the "Debbie Downer" in me talking. Let's start over together :)
    1940 days ago
    As you said...teeny victories. They'll add up. And lasagna? I would doubt your sanity if you said no to lasagna. I would beginning looking for the proof that you're a cyborg if you said not to lasagna twice in one week.
    1940 days ago
    Sounds like my kind of week!
    1941 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    I'm right there with you! How is it that the holidays can get rid of our best laid plans so easily?
    1942 days ago
    Why not push yourself for making tomorrow the start? It's all about the choices you make! You can do it!!
    1942 days ago
    It sounds super hectic, and that is tough. I'll bet as soon as you can get back to exercise stuff you'll feel lots better. Exercise is the cure for all ills!!!! Feel better soon, and I know you'll get right back on track in the new year.
    1943 days ago
    It happens. I went out again last night and am hosting a dinner party tonight. Gahh! So much food. Lets jump back on the wagon together!
    1943 days ago
    I did that leading up to Christmas. Something kicked me back into running the day after Christmas (upcoming HM) but I am still not eating right! Holidays are such a diet killer - good thing we have this site!
    1943 days ago
    Ok, I think there are A LOT of us in the same boat. The difference between the past and NOW is that you have recognized that it is a problem and you WILL handle it. I'm proud of you.
    1943 days ago
    Bad? You weren't bad. Did you kill someone with an axe? THAT's bad. emoticon

    You just made some choices that you now regret. That's easy to fix. Start today making some choices you're happy with. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1943 days ago
    Definitely start over with the new year. I know you can do it. Feeling sick doesn't help at all. Hope you feel better soon!
    1943 days ago
    Here's to the fresh start we get, too... Every Single Day! emoticon

    Reset button with New Years? I celebrate the tiny victories you mention... and there will be bigger ones going forward. I just know it. emoticon
    1943 days ago
    I feel the same about food...

    But once this is over, you can do one good thing for yourself every day, and you'll be back on the wagon in no time once you return to your usual lifestyle.
    That's one good thing about end of holiday season : )
    1943 days ago
    It may be misery loves company, but I just love you! I'm so glad to hear from you.

    This is a time for celebration and enjoying family. Most of us have some how equated love with butter, sugar and white flour. Start putting together your 2013 de-tox plan for the new year and enjoy the remaining days of love and celebration in 2012 without guilt.
    1943 days ago
    even if you did one thing different it is a victory.... build on that. emoticon
    1943 days ago
    1943 days ago
    I Am also looking for the reset button and I need to detox so I stop craving the crud I consumed over the Holidays. Hmm...must be the eat cruddy=feel cruddy=crave cruddy foods= bad cycle time to jump off and plunge back into health! All the best in the New Year.
    1943 days ago
    You can and did make SOME positive choices and can continue to make better ones in the future. When food traps appear every day for a whole week and then some, it is easy to NOT see the positive choices along the way - congratulations for recognizing that you DID NOT have the fries and DID have water when you did fast food - those are BOTH BIG victories. I would bet there are others that you didn't mention because you were so busy beating yourself up. Move forward with a spring in your step and I hope you are feeling better too.
    1943 days ago
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