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How do you find balance?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I have a question for everyone.
How do you find a balance between being active, and listening to your body (especially when pregnant) about when to take rest days or slow down?

I'm approaching my third trimester (I'm 26 weeks along) and things are getting difficult. Bending is harder. My yoga is harder. I want to stay as active as I can handle, and it's frustrating me that I can't keep going like I could before, but I don't know how to find that middle ground between taking care of myself & baby, and pushing myself to get a good workout in. I miss my running (baby doesn't like the jiggling, and it makes me sick to my stomache) and frankly I'm SICK of walking! :( All of the ST machines in my gym have been labeled off limits from the doc, so I can't do that. The only ST I've been okayed for is resistance bands and using my own body weight, and I'm tired of the body weight ones (part of that is I need to look up new ones) and I have never gotten the hang of resistance bands.

I am seriously missing the twists & back stretches from my yoga routine (Tho I know better to do it anyway) and getting a little bored here too.

Any ideas? I feel like I'm treading water and not DOING anything productive lately.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Happy weekend all!
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  • HOT_MAMA_13
    What happened to the pregnacy yoga dvd I gave you??
    1997 days ago
  • REDQT2
    I know SP has a routine generator to select exercise that only use body weight, resistance bands, etc. You'd have to adjust a little, but you could get some pretty good ideas for new exercises.
    1998 days ago
    I know you are bored and it is hard to keep going this time of year. Unfortunately you are really limited by baby. You have to listen to your body and take care of baby. Walking might not be your greatest joy but it is better than sitting on the couch and will make getting back to your running easier once you give birth.

    You are in the home stretch, you can make it!
    1998 days ago
    Listening to your body is #1. I was going to do agility and a burn circuit today, but even before this snowstorm hit, I knew going to bed last night that I would be subbing in prenatal yoga instead. Stiff joints, sore abdomen, and general fatigue are what I listen to the most.

    For cardio, elliptical might be good for you if you have access to one - I find it easier to maintain my heart rate on it (I hate the treadmill) as well as adjust the movement, resistance, and crossramp. Zero impact, too.

    I find it odd that your GP has written off *all* ST machines - even seated bicep curls or seated leg extensions? That seems a little excessive - most of those machines target specific muscles with little to no core needed for added stability - as long as you are breathing correctly, there should be no harm to you or baby. (Obviously I don't know as much about your physical body as your doctor does though, so always heed her advice over anyone here). My doctor has encouraged me from the get-go to stay on my ST. I am still (33 weeks today) doing some weight-bearing things like lifts, but mostly I have moved to machines and resistance bands. Maybe have another chat with your doctor at your next appointment to explore why all ST machines have been cut.

    Youtube, and can be helpful resources. You'll get the hang of it!
    1998 days ago
  • ANDY_54
    Well, I know next to nothing about being pregnant, but listening to what your body is saying (like you already are) is a great thing. At the third trimester I can imagine you are getting kind of tired of being pregnant with the extra weight, being off-balance, etc.--all I cna say is hang in there and keep doing the exercises you can do--even a little makes a difference!
    1998 days ago
    just in case you don't know about it, SP has a site for pregnant moms called, it has exercises, etc.
    1998 days ago
    I'm not pregnant but I was on day 14 of a nineteen-day exercise streak when I got a bug that stopped me in my tracks. If your body tells you 'no', you have to listen to it, frustrating though it is.
    1998 days ago
    The very best work out is anything you enjoy enough to do!
    1998 days ago
    When you are pregnant you HAVE to listen to your body. It is one time in life where we have to take a step back and not push our bodies. It will also be that way for a while after delivery. Maybe try getting some yoga DVDs/Workouts that are specifically for the Third Trimester. There are also Jazzercise (sp?) DVDs that have modifications for the Third Trimester. I have also heard swimming or water aerobics is good but I did not personally do it. Respect your body and relax. Your body is already working super hard! Creating a person is hard work. I didn't realize how much work until after my son arrived. Is this your first? If you need support I would be happy to help out! My son is only 8 months so I am not that far out from where you are :)
    1998 days ago
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