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Time to Stop

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I have faced the ultimate temptation, walking as I have been these past two days in the midst of tens of thousands of calories just begging to be consumed at two back to back family reunions: nuts, various chocolates, cakes, pies, sweetened drinks, cheese balls, brie, crackers, salmon spread, stuffing, two meats, casseroles, mashed potatos, scalloped potatoes, gravy, breads, cookies, fruit, soup, cranberry salad, apple salad, chips and salsa and more. Thank goodness I looked at the calorie content of one international chocolate placed on the table... 200 per small piece.... I passed. It was not worth it. Yesterday at my wife's family reunion I overshot my recommended calorie intake by just a little. Today, well, I went over by four hundred or so. Not bad, indeed not bad at all considering the total includes apple pie and fruitcake. I also had a very good workout this morning before the feast doing cardio and weight lifting. I'm quite pleased with myself in fact. I bet I ate 7000 calories at each of last year's reunions. So I am thrilled that I could do so much better this year, indulging a bit while maintaining control - I didn't eat any seconds and I limited snacking. Just now I took a little alone time away from the family because I knew I was in danger of blowing it. So I took some time to track my calories and then to write this blog in order to remind myself that I've had enough indulgence for one day - it was fun but enough is enough... NO SNACKING TONIGHT. I am preparing to enter ONEderland in January and there is no point in making that difficult on myself (nor is there any point in making myself miserable tonight by stuffing myself and causing a bad night of sleep). I am quite full and yet still comfortable. My family has noticed that I've lost weight (there's no point in surprising them by gaining all 20 pounds back by tomorrow morning). Therefore, I declare that this day of indulgence was quite successful and on that positive note I'm finished eating for the day - no more - not even a bite, not a nibble, not even a crumb and I'm not kidding, I'm serious! Don't even think about trying to tempt me. So there! I've said it and I've made it quite official by posting it on this blog, and I have thereby made it legal by signing my name (electronically) before all the Spark People witnesses, this 29th day of December, in the year of our Lord, 2012. My lips are now sealed.
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