Snowy and Breezy.....

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I took Dixie out for her walk this morning and it was blowing snow and so cold. I had on my heavy sweat pants and a couple layers on top with a hat. My legs felt like I had on gauze instead of thick cotton. Next trip out will see me in my long johns and sweats and possibly another layer. Dixie jumped and pranced in the snow, loving every minute of it. I kept trying not to slip and slide on the icy/snowy pavement and sidewalk. We wound up walking in the grass instead so I wouldn't land on my butt. :-)

Getting the house in order more today. Hubby is building the fire for the day. I'm burning DVD's of Michael Sandel's lectures on Justice. I let lose the past few days and had whatever to eat. I reached a point where I was having this major internal struggle with myself over the whole diet thing. A lot like a kid who fights having to go to bed even though they are falling asleep standing up. I am reading Geneen Roth's book (don't remember the name) and so much is striking true with me and my adventures in diet land.

I do know I can't eat carbs with abandon. I do know that protein makes me fuller, longer and doesn't mess with my blood sugar. Those are my personal facts of life. It doesn't stop me from stomping my feet and holding my breath wanting to make life otherwise. I can see my life is a struggle between what I know and what I wish were true. I want my life back to where I didn't have to count every calorie that passed my lips. Where I just ate, enjoyed and lived life.

I think until I resolve this connundrum I'll be forever wavering back and forth between the two camps. For today, I am going to live my life like I want. Today, I want good, nourishing food. Preferably hot.

I also realized I suck at fitness in the winter time. My miles and steps have gone south along with the temps. I do better in sunlight, warmth and outside. In my younger days, I didn't mind being outside in snow and below zero temps all day or all night. These days, nope. Give me warm, beach, water and I'm a happy camper. My next item of business is to find a way to get my butt off the chair and moving around more than in the house.

Still waiting to hear about the job. Consensus is that I'll hear after the new year, everyone is probably off now. I am so ready for a change, for the better.

Happy New Year to everyone and I'm hoping to have more time to spend on here after the job things settle down.
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    I hear you loud and clear. We just have to keep working on a mind set and keep trying. Take it One Day at a Time. Never, Never Just give up. emoticon
    1996 days ago
    You know which foods you can eat and those you need to avoid or choose to eat in moderation. This is your life if you want to be healthy and live longer. Our body can only work efficiently if we give it the right fuel. I like setting goals and working toward them. Hope you find something that works for you. emoticon
    1996 days ago
    It's one day at a time. Enjoying a cold day watching movies with grandkids. emoticon
    1996 days ago
    Perhaps if you shift your paradigm from "diet" to "lifestyle change". What good will it do to "diet" to lose weight, and then go back to "regular eating" that put you overweight in the first place? No, this is a change in lifestyle, learning to make healthy choices, to read labels (SODIUM is the bane of my existence - I track it and very rarely am I within my limits, since it's added to everything!) But I AM making better choices, and things don't tempt me like they used to. I got an exercise bike which is smack dab in the living room, so it gets USED. (In fact, I've gone through 3 others - a new and two used !) So I am actually more physically active than ever I was in my youth. However, age has caught up with my joints, the years of being overweight and working on my feet - and I face surgery for my hip come summer. Still, I'm going to continue to work to get more weight off so recovery will be easier, and maybe I can postpone knee surgery till JUST before retirement (to take advantage of health benefits!)
    Blessings on "getting er done!"
    1996 days ago
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