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Day 2: Fearlessness and Acceptance

Saturday, December 29, 2012

This morning I tracked my measurements and was pleased to find I had actually lost a few pounds and inches despite the holidays. emoticon

I'm about to take some "before" pictures...but I'm afraid to post. But why should I be? After all, this is who I am, in the barest sense. I know the internet is full of trolls, just waiting to jump out from under the bridge. Honestly though, there is nothing anyone can say about me that I haven't thought myself. I'm my own worst critic.

If there is one thing being overweight has taught me, it's to love myself no matter what I look like. I never regret the experience of fluffiness, its taught me compassion for myself and others who have health issues. Sometimes life makes it difficult to solve even the most obvious of problems, no matter how much we want to.

Believe it or not, in highschool I struggled with eating disorderly behavior. I might go as far as to say I was anorexic. I would starve myself, then binge when I was alone. I have never been a small person-I'm almost 6 feet tall-and people were always judging what I ate. What can I say? Kids are cruel.

I eventually started homeschool, met my husband, and started eating again. His family loves food....maybe a little too much. When I met my mother in law for the first time, she literally shoved epinadas in my mouth. emoticon

So my "happy weight" with my husband, 3 pregnancies, and pretty much not exercising for a few years is why I'm here. I'm on a mission to find the healthiest way of living on the planet. Could low fat raw vegan be it? I can't say for sure yet, but the results of other people gives me hope.

I don't want a diet. I want a lifestyle; a way of living that causes the least amount of harm to myself, the planet and all the little creatures living here. We're living in a toxic world (on a multitude of levels), as Earthlings we all have a responsibility to look at how our own choices contribute to the problem.

So yes, I'm going to post pictures of my face sans makeup. Yes, I'm posting pictures of my big ol' fluffy self. Because if this lifestyle works for me, someone may see my blog and be inspired to become vegan too, despite being fluffy or not quite awesome without makeup when starting out.

And together, we will save all the cows and dolphins, and the world will be full of VEGAN COTTON CANDY AND RAINBOWS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon
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