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Math for 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New year is coming up and it is a great time to sum up the past and make plans for the coming.

A year ago I undertook to blog every day 2012. I did not succeed completely but I did not fall off the wagon and stopped either – I continued although I can see that after the first slip in march I got more and more careless about doing it, april was again "perfect" but after that I have missed 1-9 days every month (9 is december, november was 7 and the rest has been 1-4) Totally I have blogged 337 days (two days two times but I will not count them as it was supposed to be every day, not 366 blogs) As february had one extra day I did not blog 29 days (I am assuming that I will blog 30&31 december...) the longest time in a row without blogging has been two days.

Imagine that I had managed the same project with calories - engaged in eating not more than 2 000 cal a day, which would give me a "win" of at least 500 cal a day.
AND the "fail" days would mean...let´s say that I really pigged out with 4000 cal a day those days.

Doing the math = +1500 x 29 days = 43 500 /7000 (one kilo) is 6,2 kilos heavier

500 x 337 days = 168 500/7000 is - 24 kilos .

24 - 6,2 = 17,8 kilos less... HAD I managed to do the same with food as I did with blogging. Which I did not but it certainly gave me ideas for 2013. I have proved to myself that I can stick fairly good to something, the slack of november and december is a bit negative, had I done this math before I would have been more eager to keep up.

What more did I achieve?

I exercised at least 30 minutes a day a lot, I will not take the effort to try and track back the exact minutes but I do think I need to write it every day the upcoming year. The bad thing about me tracking is that I tend to obsess too much if I start to pinpoint thingt too much. Still I do need some "proof" of what I have done, if I just decide that "today was ok" I feel like a cheater as I have no confidence in my own judgement without numbers to back up my opinion.

I have slacked with exercise the two last months too, the snow and my bad feet has prevented me from walking with doggy and I cannot bike. ST has been low, I do have a problem with logistics there, have to figure that out, the problem is that I need to be out of the locker rooms at the gym (shared with indoor swimming arena) by nine in the morning because then the school kids arrive and I have to accept that I have a really hard time to endure their noice and staring (fat, onebreasted ladies gets stared at!) Doggy and sparking prevents me from getting there earlier - it will be better when the light comes back after new year, right now the dawn does not break until 8.30 and doggy could of course get a short walk in the dark but I have a hard time to do that... another problem is that the gym will be crowded after newyear, everybody starts over then...

Anything more I have done right? I almost forgot one very important that I thought of this morning - I have learned how to hoop! That happened in january 2012 and although I have not progressed as much as I could have done I have progressed, I can do the vortex and I have hooped for 30 minutes without dropping the hoop and I have learned how to hoop in the other direction, do the vortex - and I firehooped on my birthday party!

I conquered my fear of being pretentious and created my 60th birthday party for myself, thinking that if I had fun, everybody else would too.

On the negative side:
I am still not happy about the way I conduct my job, I think I am too lazy.
I did not lose weight
My feet are really getting bad, I think it is essential that I lose weight otherwise I will probably not be able to walk at all at the end of 2013.
I did not save any money.

This blog has been about the past. The two blogs left for 2012 will be about the future.

And as a report for yesterday, I managed to organize another shelf in my "big" store room, that feels great. It is a little discouraging that this organisation does not really make any difference of how my home appears, it is "just" me knowing that I can find things easier. I also know how fragile the result of all that work (spent four hours yesterday) is - one stressed search will ruin it...

I will spend some hours today to but the most urgent activity right now is sow shovelling... it is getting warm and it will be very heavy snow soon... but I better get it shovelled before it freezes again because if it does it will be dangerously slippery!
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    Just knowing the negatives and turning them into positives is a good place to start. Try walking a little farther each time you park the car, get up a few minutes and plan for the day ahead, carry your water bottle with you everywhere and track everything. You can do it, I know you can. You may not be able to run at the end of2013, but you should be able to walk. emoticon emoticon

    1940 days ago
    I think a personal inventory is a very healthy way to end the old year and head into the new. Like you I track my calories and fitness levels every day; among other things. I keep a chart and it gives me a visual of about a month at a time. A picture of each day as you will. The scale holds no surprises that way even though I only weigh once or twice a month. I know what I have to do to maintain and what happens when I don't do it. Main rule is NO MINDLESS eating. Nothing forbidden, I just have to be accountable to myself. It works for me. I never want to go back to the size/shape I was in 10 years ago. I'm enjoying life too much today. Goal for next year are to keep doing what I'm doing health and fitness wise and work on other areas of my life. It's definitely worth the effort. Cecelia, you would do it for someone you love; you can do it for yourself! It's the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. Be well. emoticon
    1940 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/29/2012 8:49:39 AM
    nice summary of the year - and you have an excellent jumping off point for 2013!
    1940 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Don't be hard on yourself. I do enjoy reading your thoughts.

    Another cupboard tidying that is an achievement.

    emoticon emoticon
    1940 days ago
    I know there's already a lot you're trying to keep up with (me too, hon, me too!) but in order to be prepared "in case" regarding your feet, you might want to look into chair exercises. I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about them, but you can get a surprisingly heavy-duty workout even whilst sitting down. If you do end up having to be off your feet for a while, at least you'll know some ways to keep active and fit.
    1940 days ago
    Like you I like to ponder things and try to get some overview.
    I have seen you write about a LOT of creative things and projects that you did, I think you should count those as achievements, too!

    That is great that you organized another shelf. I believe that having that order in your closets will increase the order in all of your home in the longer run. Being able to find your stuff will make you handle everything in your home better, I think.
    1940 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/29/2012 4:27:55 AM
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