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It snowed all night and it drifted. It was so beautiful to see.

Friday, December 28, 2012

For some obscure reason I was up at 4.45am, I did not feel good so instead of going right back to bed I took my blood sugar it was 84, that is not bad but for me it is lower than I like and not feeling quite right I fixed my breakfast. My usual Oat Bran and banana and some plain Greek style yogurt. I call it that because I make it myself and it saves me money. I had tea and then I went back to bed and was up again at 9am.

I made sure DH and I are now registered in the lateral hip replacement class before his surgery.
I talked with the hospital about the hotel proximity to the hospital. I was told it was a good choice because they use that hotel when their employees get snowed in during the winter and they will shuttle DH and I to the hospital. We have to buy him a rolling walker so the shuttle bus will take it with us when we go to the hospital. They want it there because he will be walking right after the recovery room, that surprised me but they have a good record with this procedure , that is why we are driving so far. Our hospital has acquired Drs recently but they do not have the experience we wanted.
Some time ago DH had a procedure and I never thought to ask how many times the surgeon had done the procedure with the Laparoscope. It did not go well and we found out later it was only his third time. This Orthopedist has been doing this for 8 years so we are hoping for good results.


I called the hospital and checked if DH has a private room and told them I prefer to stay the night at the hospital they said that was no problem. We will use the shuttle bus and when he is to be discharged I will be able to call for them to come for just me and I will, bring back our minivan to pick DH up. In the event of bad weather we will stay in Portland at the hotel till the roads are cleared. I was assured we will be shown how DH will have to navigate steps since we have three leading in to the house.

Late morning the snow stopped so DH wanted to go outside to do the snow blowing. We had some really high drifts in the front of the house it was halfway up the front door. We do not access our house from the front it has too many steps so we built another driveway from the street behind our house and it is a huge driveway leading to the double garage. DH went out to start the snow blowing and about half an hour later I went out with my Michigan Snow scoop. I love that thing I can move lots of snow just be pushing it across the ground. We have gates to the pool and places where the blower does not go easily, so those places are my job to clear.

By noon time the sky was blue and she sun was quite warm. Where the sun shone on the driveway the snow began to melt so moving it became much more difficult. DH had cleared most of it and he went in to the house. I wanted to stay outside I was having such a good time. I noticed the driveway was a bit narrower than usual so I used the shovel to see how much was still snow covered. I decided too much, so I cleared it by hand.
If we do not clear right to the grass the drive gets narrower every time it snows and that can be a problem getting the cars in to the drive later in the Spring. That is why I cleared it. Then I went to the front to dig out the steps, and the long narrow driveway. The front is to the SOUTH side and it was very warm work, it went very well.
After two and a half hours it was time to go in to make lunch. I had salad and DH had a sandwich. When DH works hard outdoors he loses his appetite. I alas was really hungry after all that shoveling. I have felt hungry for quite a few days now. I am assuming my baking must have made me hungry.

I deliberately made only breads of many kinds to give as gifts this year. If someone was away and two of them were I just put the breads in the freezer. Doing just breads meant that DH and I would not cut a bread but with lots of cookies or bars, it would be so much easier to start picking, we did not want that to happen.
Now we only have New Year to get beyond and we will be counting down to DH surgery.

We had a really nice day for shoveling-we call it playing in the snow. Sun and sky were beautiful. The day did seem longer.
We have another storm on it's and we still have to get to Portland perhaps tomorrow to find our way around the hospital area and check out the hotel.

I am trying to make tomorrow like a days outing and I hope the day is as nice as today.
My Spark Friends out there keep me grounded and I appreciate all of your comments and support. emoticon emoticon emoticon Take care. Pat in Maine.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are always one busy and organized lady~you have my admiration!
    1995 days ago
    Stay safe & warm guys!
    1995 days ago

    When I read your blog and all the work entailed when it snows I remember to be glad I live in the deep south. We only even see some minor snow flurries every 5-10 years. The heat however is our bain of existence. We love the winter as the weather is usually pleasant. Today it is bright sunny and a high in the low 60's after a night just below freezing. Rain is unfortunately in the forecast for New Year's day.

    Take care and Happy New Year.

    Cathy emoticon
    1996 days ago

    Wow lots of work when you live in the snow, I really can't imagine as I have only lived in Cali and Florida.

    You are one hard working woman!


    1996 days ago
    Hubby and I had to go out today and do some work in the snow too. we got a big one for us and it was hard to move all of that snow!! It was pretty to see the snow come down though. It was wild!
    1996 days ago
    So glad to hear how wonderfully organized you are about Fred's surgery!

    Hope you don't get too much snow tonight... it started snowing here around 3 and it's supposed to snow throughout the night. Fingers crossed it will be the easy kind to shovel. emoticon
    1996 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    The countdown begins, but don't you dare count!! I know you hate it!!

    Just think how much better Fred will be able to do walking the trail next spring and summer!!
    He might as well get all his parts in place and check their warranty before good weather!!
    1996 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    You are so good. The plans look great. Good job, Pat.

    I would imagine the snow is beautiful. Do take some photos when you have time.

    Take care. We are headed into 2013 and I just know it is going to be a GREAT one.

    1996 days ago
    Great job getting prepared, Pat. I'm thinking of you and sending lots of hugs for dh's surgery. emoticon
    1997 days ago
  • RD03875
    Sounds like you have everything planned out!
    1997 days ago
    Glad to hear that you have made such good plans for the surgery. Have a good trip to Portland. emoticon
    1997 days ago
    Wishing you both a calm and happy trip with great results.
    1997 days ago
    Good you got up when you weren't feeling right! Our bodies just let us know in so many ways that it needs attention! Glad you're better.

    Very happy to hear that you & DH are going to attend the class for later hip replacement surgery. Honestly, I think you'll both feel better with the knowledge you get from the class about what will happen and what to expect befure, during and after surgery. It just helps the mind get "geared up" to do battle!

    I remember attending the class before I had my knee replacement. Didn't matter that I am a nurse. The Dr. insisted on it. That was all right. My knee, now 5 yrs. old as of 24 December, functions well now because they got me up right away. So, that's a good thing that they want you to bring the wheeled walker with you. I had to do that too. They had me up within an hr. of returning to my room! They'll make sure Fred is comfortable. So, be sure he knows to let them know how he's feeling! I used a scale of 10 to describe how I felt. 10 for extreme pain, 1 for no pain. I never got beyond a 2.

    PT training for the walker use and stairs was primary for me, and I know it is with patients having hip replacements as well. So, rest assured, they'll go thru it all with your DH.

    Good planning on your part getting a near-by hotel that has shuttle service. You have thought of everything!

    Sending wishes for a blessed and abundant New Year.

    1997 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Such a busy day for you! Glad you got everything figured out and taken care of now though. Your mind will be busy enough as the time grows nearer, so it's good to have these things figured out now.

    Hope you and DH have a good weekend!
    1997 days ago
  • GAMMY98
    wow another busy day for you and DH. You always have things so organize. Thanks for the snowman it worked it is snowing here and we could get up to 4 inches not much but enough to go out and walk in and get some picture. Be careful out there in the snow.
    1997 days ago
    Sounds like you have everything well planned. Good for you! So glad you had fun in the snow!! I've never been a big fan. My hubby used to take the kids sledding and I would stay under a blanket to read. I would take care of the wet clothes and hot cocoa when they returned!
    1997 days ago
    I am not a fan of snow and we get so much of it here. One thing about apartments, there is usually caretakers who look after all that kind of thing....
    Glad you enjoyed you day of "playing" Good for you on the "no treats"

    Have a great "Last Weekend of the Year"
    1997 days ago
    Good for you for snow playing. Wow, no wonder you felt
    hungry after two and a half hours. You must have a big
    house and you are so right to keep it cleared at all times.
    I would like to see some pictures of snow too, please...

    I am glad that you are all ready for Fred's operation and
    you have prepared yourselves well for it. I am praying that
    this surgeon will be able to do the good job.
    Have a nice day. emoticon
    1997 days ago
    what a great way to put it playing in the snow hugs & all the best
    1997 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    I love watching Snow falling from the sky. It is so Beautiful to see. Sounds like You had a nice day. Sorry about the amount of snow You had to shovel though. When is DH going to have his surgery? You have everything well covered and handled very well. Have a good night sleep. God Bless You and DH. Have a Wonderful Week. Enjoy Today. Safe Traveling. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1997 days ago
    1997 days ago
    Pictures of the beautiful snow please... You know I love snow pictures.

    I, myself am going to look into how hip replacement is done.
    1997 days ago
  • TERRI289
    It sounded like hard work but with a great purpose!
    1997 days ago
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