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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's is approaching fast.

As it stands right now, Brad and I are doing exactly...nothing...for New Year's. We might have dinner here at my place, but we are definitely not heading to Pueblo. There's a good chance that he has some meetings to attend at a very large hotel with whom he will begin business dealings with in 2013 on New Year's Day. So he may not even be able to spend the evening with me at all, having to prepare for whatever meetings there are.

I'm trying to think of what I could throw together for dinner that would be both easy and relatively inexpensive but still somewhat festive. I found this for dessert:
8/champagne-thursday-6/ on pinterest the other night while looking at wedding related stuff with a friend...

Just need to figure out the rest. I have a few ideas.. Will post tomorrow.

A friend asked me to run the Colfax Half with her and I'm seriously considering it. Part of me is scared to death--what if I can't do it in 4 hours and have to hitch a ride on the sag wagon?? No one wants that. But part of me is excited at the possibility of a challenge. It's a flat course, through some really pretty areas of Denver, and a whole mile of it is through the zoo! That alone is pretty cool. The Garden 10 Mile isn't until June 9 this year, so thought it's a FAR more difficult race (and very..very..hilly) I think I would have more confidence going into it a few weeks later and maybe even finish sub 2:30.

I know deep down that a lot of what we do to ourselves is mental. Part of it stems from fear of failure..what if I *can't* (insert thing here) successfully? The first time I ran the Garden, I was so ecstatic that I had even finished, the time didn't matter.

So the planning begins.

It is so easy to plan out runs, workouts, and such on paper...especially when I'm on break and have nothing else I have to do, nowhere else I have to go. I mean, yeah, I'm still being pulled in a hundred directions but I don't have to teach, grade, or plan right now... I worry that the moment I go back on Wednesday it will all fall apart.

Part of me doesn't want to share what I am planning with anyone other than you all here... I'm afraid that if too many people know, I'll never live it down if I screw up.

That whole "are you really going to eat that?" kind of thing that we go through when we tell relatives (ok, mothers) that we are dieting... I have friends/colleagues who do that sort of thing with anything I attempt...and I hate when it happens.

But the planning starts anyway!
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    You should run the Colfax half! I figure I can walk 13 miles in less than 4 hours so I should be just fine - and who cares if you are slow and walk? The elephants as you run through the zoo? Doubtful. The people watching you? Again, doubtful. Besides, who are they to talk - they are watching not running! It scares the bejeezus out of me too - but I'm doing it! Signing up tomorrow!

    Do it, do it, do it! At least it's good peer pressure! :)
    1974 days ago
    My hubby always works on NYE, so I'm always cooking for myself. I do the pizza thing - I make my own crust, and I get fun toppings I wouldn't normally get for myself. I usually get a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the night.
    1976 days ago
    just looked up that receipe. i do that with low fat light vanilla yogurt from wegmans. delicious with rapsberries or blackberries.

    i dont add booze. but add almonds for crunch.
    1976 days ago
    well make your self a pizza. you can do your own dough and use low fat ( or no fat) cheese.

    or make yourself some chineese food. get lots of veggies (pre sliced) and chicken. i like tofu and mushrooms myself.

    1976 days ago
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