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Prequel to the new year's plan.

Friday, December 28, 2012

I have been away. Christmas week came, and stayed, and I still am dealing with the sinus infection. Doctor is changing my antibiotics. It's a good thing I took this week off from work, because I am in no condition to the be the public servant. I have to sleep up right in the recliner, so the snot runs down my throat and doesn't choke me. The generic theraflu, as they took the real stuff of the market, anyway, the generic stuff ups my sugars, which leads to fatigue and lethargy. Ball of joy. Big ball of stinking joy. I have lots of time to plan, as I sit in my chair and watch the christmas lights. Taking all that I have learned in the last year, and the 44 diet attempts before this, combining all this wisdom into a big grand plan, plus a back up plan..and even a back up to the back up.

Plan A and B, and C- food. I really like my eating plan, and when I stay with it, I am within my calorie range. So, 1 serving hard core carbs a day ( toast, bread, pasta). 1 serving meat a day. the rest is vegetables, fruit, dairy. Non meat protein for snacks. I plan my menu on Saturdays, for the week following. Due to economic circumstances (starting a new business takes cash) I need to eat out of the pantry. I need to do some change ups, as I can no longer cook two meals, with Steve working 6-7 each day, I need to be prepared to make meals that are 1) mom healthy, 2) time friendly 3) and that the kids will eat. I am going to make a lot of KISS meals. Keep it simple stupid. Chicken, rice, veggies. Fish, potatoes, veggies. No more exotic mom meal, and a backup for the children. Since the children wont eat the exotic, they win this year long battle. but, I refuse to sink to the junk food level that they want. No more frozen pizza, hotdogs and tator tots. Win some, lose some. Win in the end. So, I need to pack my breakfast snack, lunch, afternoon snack and some 5 pm veggie soup to get me through the day. Breakfast smoothies, oatmeal for a snack. I would prefer to go home for lunch, and eat my salad there, which is plan A, but back up is Plan B, the lunch box, plan c is, when I have to eat out, Subway salad.

Plan A and B work out.
Besides packing my lunch bag, I will pack my work out clothes, and keep a pair of shoes at the office. My official treadmill time is 4:30-5:30. But I will also be coming home for lunch and can do a DVD workout at lunch time for plan B. Breaks can be walking around the office. At home in the evenings, when nobody else is around, I will my WII training, and Spark time. The goal is 10,000 steps each day. One night a week, I am going to try the yoga class.

Plan A and B Spark time and accountability.
Plan A is to spark in the mornings, waking up at 4:15, getting to work by 6. Plan B is to spark in the evenings, but that means I have to battle to children for the computer. Backup is the I-phone app. Other tools of accountability. I am taking a monthly picture, for the healthy scrapbook. I am using my blank SPARK calendar to track the four goals. Water, Fitness, Food ranges, and none coach potatoe. Top 3 are pretty self explanatory. 8 plus glasses of water, 1000 steps, stay within my food ranges but What does the last mean? My natural state is coach potato, inert sloth like. So, in the evenings, if I do anyting besides sit in the chair and became one with the furniture, I get a star. If could be sparking, WII, coach Nicole, faith group, CCD food program, scrapbooking. Once spring comes, it could be daily gardening. I want to start a vegetable garden, and a herb bed. Sparking, I am going to get back into my teams. I have neglected the CSA team, and really miss it. I am going to start involvement in the 100 day challenge. I will have Spark Coach to guide me. My goal is 500 points a week.

I have some specific goals for the year 2013. Each month will have a fitness event goal. Some are structured. I want to walk the Feb/March Ephrata 10k, as a rehearsal for May's Bloomsday 12 K, as well as Spring Fest 5 k . I want to do a 5 K color Me Rad run in June. November the Moses turkey trot. Some are a free for All- July will bring me to yoga on the beach. January, I could hike the Blizey Hill in Ephrata, Months like August, September and October,, I could go bike riding/ hiking with the Boy-Scouts.

Each day, I need my routine. which means taking my meds, packing my bags, switching the laundry, going to work, going to the gym. Each day is a step toward health, and that is the overall goal.
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    Sounds like you've got things laid out with a lot of thought! It's great to get your plans on paper / written out like this. My own goal setting is on the list of things to do this weekend. Tonight is sparking, and me time. :-)
    1973 days ago
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