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Tis the Season for Reflection (Make Sure You Read the End Bit!)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Well, I’d love to say I maintained or lost over the holidays, but I did not. In fact, since October, I have gained about 10 pounds (exact number will have to wait until Monday!) What can I say – the boyfriend and the holidays derailed me. I kept up with my good habits as much as possible, with the exception of “no, I’m not hungry, I don’t really need a third serving of that” and “I guess I will work this off tomorrow”. For the first time in a really long time, I had that “I-ate-so-much-I’m-gonna-be-si
ck” feeling. And I hated it! I hated feeling so out of control!

Joining a new family for the holidays was a huge challenge for me. With my family, I can request healthy options or be sure that my mom will offer a salad or veggies with every meal. When it’s not your family, you can’t do these things. In hindsight, now that I know my boyfriend’s family, I’m going to offer to make a salad and I’m going to bring big bags of cut up veggies and Greek yogurt with me.

It could have been better. And it could have been worse.

Live and learn and move forward.

Things I did well:
1. I brought my scale with me to Nebraska (insane? Maybe)
2. I brought my running shoes to Nebraska (and used them)
3. I brought my yoga mat to Nebraska (and didn’t use it)
4. I ran or walked (twice)
5. My pants still fit.

Things I need to work on:
1. Working out consistently when I’m visiting
2. Not making excuses (oh I heard myself doing it!)
3. Saying no to food pushers
4. Making a plan to eat when I’m faced with tough food choices
5. Having alternatives to poor choices

I’m not falling in to the trap of saying that this journey is starting over – it’s not. The journey never ends – I’m just choosing to take a left hand turn from my current path. It’s all about growth and moving forward and not getting run over because you get stuck on the same track.

I will be back on Monday – with my goals for the New Year (a new list!!!) and my road map for where I know I need to go.

I’m not going to lie – I am looking forward for this New Year. It always brings new energy and excitement and a huge push in the right direction. While I believe that a healthy, fit life is a daily commitment, it certainly helps when everyone around you decides to be healthy (at least for a month!). I will gladly ride the coattails of this yearly energy boost!

Happy Friday Sparkedy Sparkers!

Ps. Thought I would share this.

From Yogis Anonymous and Ally Hamilton:
"Awareness is the first step, but action is what's needed if you want to see a shift happen. People often get stuck at the level of identification, meaning that they can tell you in great detail why they are the way they are, but they can't take it beyond that. The past experiences explain and justify the current behavior. Except they don't, because there's always space for growth, and for free will.

Healing requires openness and honesty and a willingness to not look away, even when you must stare at the center of your deepest pain. It also demands vigilance, especially when you detect unhealthy patterns in your life. Re-training yourself to feed a loving voice, and starve any tendencies that make you feel less than, or unworthy of love. We are always in process. Knowing yourself well is a gift that makes it possible to "catch yourself" sooner, so you can make healthy decisions based on how things are, and not how they once were. To move forward with love and trust, even when the road is dark and slick and we're traveling with no map.

Giving up on yourself is a serious shame and an act of ingratitude. As heartbreaking as it can be sometimes, this life is a gift, and this experience of being human, vulnerable, awake, and changing is an opportunity to heal more than just ourselves. We come into this world with an insane amount of love, and I believe we are meant to uncover it, and spread it all over the place. The story of your life will keep unfolding, every day. There are the circumstances, and there's the way you respond. In that way, you co-create the story. The pieces are always moving, the ground below us is always shifting, there are no promises or guarantees, and you don't have forever. There are big questions that need to be lived, that you can never truly answer, but that you'll have to grapple with if you want to be at peace. The key is to keep moving, keep growing, keep seeing and listening and exploring. To be willing to allow life, and your very own self to surprise you. To recognize you'll never have all the answers, in fact, you'll have very few. Only a couple truly matter, anyway. How much are you going to love, and how much are you going to do what you can to heal yourself, and in so doing, the world around you? Sending you so much love, Ally Hamilton"
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