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New Reasons.....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Well, You all Know i was pregnant... so... Now you meet Reason..................

Daniel Reason Mahanay , that is.
Born December 5th 2012, at 10:15am. Weighing in at 10 lbs 5 oz and 21 " long. (did i mention hes supposed to be 4 weeks premature?? haha)

My lil love muffin!!! He was a chunker!!! From being in ISCU(infant special care unit, same as a nicu but UTMB called it iscu for reasons. haha) he lost over 1 lbs of weight but hes 23 days old now and looks amazing! still a chunker for sure!!! and super long.
So, Tuesday the 4th of Dec i weighed in at a drs appointment and... was 329 (i could cry!!!) But no matter what the weight gain i have gained from the two pregnancies and three boys has none the less been worth every pain and issue i have had!!! They are my world!!! my three sons!!! and thats the end of the line of pregnancies for me!!! sad to say but worth saying that too knowing that i wont be risking my life leaving behind three beautiful boys if i did try again and something went a rye.
Im down at least 48 lbs right now weighed yesterday and was at 281.4 Not to shabby i guess just still not to pre Reason weight or Pre twin pregnancy weight....... so... Goals......... What i am kind of hoping for... date ish wise...

5-12-13 250
9-1-13 220
12-12-13 about 190 (or at least around 200 come the 5th Daniel's 1st birthday)

Ill get back into my losing like 10%'s and giving my self rewards when i can find the calculator on this stupid laptop hahahaha. having major issues learning windows 8 =/ go figure. this mommy brain is just not working for me.
anyways wanted to introduce lil reason, state that as soon as i am cleared ill be back to permanent sparking just waiting on this csection to do what its gotta do.. thats a super long story ill have to share at some point... yupp. well peace out my sparkers!!!!


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