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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I just came home from a hardcore Zumba class and Derrell says he is hungry. I have no intentions of cooking and he says he is going to run to McDonalds. I haven't had McDonald's in nearly eight months and I don't necessarily miss it or think about it. HOWEVER, the smell of their fries will make me lose all my morals. Considering that Derrell is my soulmate and biggest supporter, I would have thought he would have eaten his Big Mac and supersized fry downstairs where I would not be tempted. Nope. As I was in the shower I hear him in our bedroom. As I exit the shower, I immediately smell fries. Once the fry smell is in the air, there is no removing it. I expressed to him that it would have been nice of him to have eaten his food somewhere where I wouldn't smell it. Since that didn't happen, I grabbed some Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps and pretended they were McDonald's fries. My stomach knew the truth.
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    Guys simply do not think sometimes. Great Job for showing restraint!!!
    1994 days ago
    omg... hear ya on the scent of those fries! i have to stay.far.away. ! good job!
    1994 days ago
    SUPER WILLPOWER for not caving in!!!! :)
    1996 days ago
    Remember that others may not have the "willpower" that we do at the exact same time. Also that it may have not been insensitivity, but rather forgetfulness, routine, or something else. I could be accused of insensitivity when it's actually forgetfulness. GREAT JOB RESISTING THOSE FRIES!!! I LOVE THEM TOO!

    My Husband was overweight as a kid, although he's a hunk now, so he can relate to my struggles. He always struggled to weigh low enough to play in his age division for football as a youngster.

    He is getting better about not bringing home junk. When he was bringing the junk home, I gained six pounds in about one to two weeks. It's so hard to resist junk food...especially,...well...ANYTHIN
    G! LOL.

    I used to get mad at him but I would still eat the junk. Then somehow he accepted that to be supportive of me, he has to not bring it home. When he does bring it home, smaller quantities are easier for me to deal with bc they get eaten by him...or if I end up eating it, at least it's only the smaller amount of junk. As in, get a pint of ice cream instead of a half gallon. Get 2 candy bars, don't even tell me about them, and hide them in the freezer behind the "regular" food (he likes his candy bars frozen); that works well unless I discover the junk.

    We have been replacing junk with fruit, but we're not always successful, and I'm often guilty of junking, too.

    Yeah, my favorite foods are McDonald's french fries as well as ice cream. My favorite healthful foods are nectarines, pears, and bananas, so we try to have that available instead of junk.
    1997 days ago
  • *MAMA*2*BOYS*
    I went four and a half months without eating any restaurant food and then ended up eating McDonald's, which I used to really like. I thought it was nasty! The burger had no flavor but grease and the fries were so salty that it felt like it was burning my tongue. Yuck! It smelled great, though! I would imagine, if you had caved and taken a bite, you would have been very unpleasantly surprised! Congrats on not caving in, though! I wish I could say the same for myself!!
    1997 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    This happens to me tooo!!!!

    My fiance came to bed, yes in the bed with cheesecake one night! Uggggh! When I told him that was insensitive, he asked "what did you want me to eat it in the bathroom" no, but the kitchen where I wasn't sitting would have been nice.

    Then he brought home Chipotle one day with Tortilla chips- my big weakness, and ate them while I was on the computer on sparkpeople.

    So I know the feeling!
    1997 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    Wow 8 months?? That is wonderful...but I do understand about the smell of McD's fries...good job on getting a healther "alternative"....
    1999 days ago
    See.... Sizes without x's and vintage clothing are right around the corner! Take that you friezzzz!
    2000 days ago
    WOOOOOOW GOOD FOR YOU emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2000 days ago
    Now I can give up almost everything from micky dees but not the fries or their vanilla shake....I don't have them every week but I try to make my own & drive on by...

    God bless

    2000 days ago
    You are stronger than me! I would've stolen some of those fries!
    I can resist many things but the smell of french fries is totally my downfall. Brownies have the sam effect.
    2000 days ago
  • PURPLE180
    I agree...FABULOUS will power....oh those fries. emoticon
    2001 days ago
    LOL...I know it's not funny, but MAN can I relate!!! They can be so CLUELESS!!! I know you wanted to say "For real???"
    2001 days ago
    Great will power emoticon
    2001 days ago
  • EUEK098
    That is some serious will power, emoticon
    2001 days ago
  • MRE1956
    emoticon on how you handled the situation! Staying strong in the face of insensitivity is key!


    2001 days ago
    This sounds like my husband! But I have learned that it is hard to loose weight when everyone else around you is still eating regular. Im sure this isnt the last time he will do this so just keep on moving forward and stay strong.
    2002 days ago
  • DALID414
    My boyfriend does this with cookies!! We gotta love 'em though.
    2002 days ago
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