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Registration is open! BLC21 -My Success Secret

Thursday, December 27, 2012

First - the link:

This is where YOU can register to be part of this team based, 12 week weight loss challenge. Initial weigh-in is Jan. 16 but don't delay - space is limited! Join the registration team and follow the directions to list your 1st, 2nd and 3rd team choice.

I know you may be thinking - I've done teams before what's the difference?

Let me tell you the difference.

1) You will be on a team of about 25-30 individuals. It will be a combination of both veterans and newbies like you! Those veterans have navigated many of the obstacles that lie ahead of you on this journey to health & fitness and YOU can learn so much from them!

2) Each team has experienced captains and co-captains that will give you many "tools and resources" to help you move closer to your goals! They will be your "go to" people when you have questions or need advice. If they don't know the answer - they will try to find it for you or connect you to someone that does!

3) Accountability - THIS is one of the best parts of BLC. You will be weighing in weekly and your stats will be tabulated both within the team and within the whole BLC so you can see just how you are progressing! This is highly motivational.

4) Challenges - These are designed to push you out of your comfort zone to try new forms of exercise, new foods, healthy recipes, and work on habits that build success. The challenges are often the ONLY thing that motivates me to get up and hit that treadmill because my team is COUNTING on me doing my part!

5) Friendship - You will become friends with your team as you share on the chat thread. This is where you learn that YOU are not alone in this journey. Others struggle with the doughnuts at the morning staff meeting, the leftover french fries on their child's plate and the lack of motivation to run when it's sprinkling rain.

6) FOCUS - Now we are down the guts of BLC. Here you will focus on different aspects of this journey from week to week. There will be weeks where nutrition might be highlighted. Perhaps it will be strength training. Other weeks there may be a focus on the importance of sleep! The point here is that you will learn this journey is more than just counting calories!

7) Lastly, FUN. You will have fun! Some of the challenges are clever utilizing game-like play from BINGO to rolling dice to determine strength training moves! It's never dull.

If you want MORE than just a place to weigh-in consider BLC. If you want support, motivation to do more and people that will interact with you on a daily basis to keep you moving forward on this journey then click on the link above and read more! This may just be the start of a GREAT new year!

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