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New toy

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

This morning I open the front door to put the rubbish out (too late as it turns out, the dustmen have already been) and there is the postie, with a parcel for me.

Me, in my nightshirt and dressing gown.

I gulp and clutch at said dressing gown and I hope say thank you nicely for the parcel.

The parcel, ah. It contains a new toy for me in my role as a kitchen denizen.

Let me explain. I spend a lot of holidays in France, and in France they eat a lot of grated carrot and celeriac. To make things easier, it is sold ready-shredded, much better than grated because the shreds are longer. In the UK you can buy the carrot in bags if you hunt for it, but I've never seen the shredded celeriac here. It's also a bit dry and flavourless if you buy it bagged.

Anyway, I've been looking for about five years for a gadget that would shred veg rather than grating it and I finally found one online. It's wonderful! I have just shredded four carrots and eaten them dressed with lemon juice. The gadget has a handle you turn so the veg is on a kind of spindle and the cutter cuts long curls off it, rather than straight strips. The texture is fabulous, and instead of all the irritating little bits you have from a grater you get something you can fork up easily.

You also don't get grated fingers.

I'm really looking forward to taking nice cheap nutritious raw salads to work for lunch in the future.

Just off out to the gym. After that, I'm going to buy a celeriac.

PS: The maker is called Lurch (it's German) and the gadget called a Spiralo. There are various different ones made by this company I think, and also other companies (I think a Japanese one) that make something similar. Mine was about £30 so not cheap but much cheaper than some of the others. Amazon sell them.
Hope I don't get into trouble with SP for promoting it emoticon

PPS Celeriac is a big round root thingy that looks a bit like knobbly beige turnip, and tastes slightly of celery. You can also use the gadget on courgettes (zucchini), raw beetroot, apples etc. The instructions say your veg or fruit has to be crisp, not squashy so no bananas.
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