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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My last blog was about establishing support networks for your weight loss and fitness goals within SparkPeople. But there are other support networks for other parts of your life that are just as important to your mental health and yes, your physical well being. Those things are friends and family. Friends and family support you very well in most aspects of your life but they seem to come up a little short when it deals with things like weight loss and fitness. I'm not sure why that is, but it certainly helps to underscore the importance of SparkBuddies and the support network here.

I've been told that I compartmentalize very well, that is keeping parts of my life distinct and apart from the other parts. I suppose there is truth to that, but I'm going to break open part of the compartment and talk about keeping on track when other parts of your life get in the way.

I read enough blogs to know that many of you tend to shut down fitness and calorie maintenance when the least little thing interferes with your life. Tisk, Tisk... (is that even a word!) "My uncle Bob was in town this week and I just never got around to working out..." or "The kids were over and I just ate everything in sight..." You've all read stories similar in nature in some of the blogs around here, as if putting them in writing somehow makes it okay. I would rather read the "I fell off the wagon last Tuesday but here's what I did to get back on track" kind of stories. Truly, I read the 'fell off the wagon' parts but I don't see enough of the 'I fixed it' parts. (That's a hint for some of you).

Life events happen! But how you handle life events speaks volumes. For example, one of my sons (I have three - see, I can mix separate parts of my life on occasion) got married a couple of days before Christmas... Sunday, in fact. It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding.

Yes, Virginia, in Texas we can do outdoor weddings on December 23rd! It's a good thing it wasn't on December 25th because that day started off with lightning and thunder (Texas, remember?) which progressed to sleet, hail, and eventually SNOW. But we had a great time. My son married a great girl, my other sons were in attendance, and everybody had a great time. I had one glass of champagne to toast the newly married kids and followed that up with (mostly) water at the reception.

The reception was grand! We went to one of the best Mexican Food restaurants in the area, Joe T Garcias (joets.com). The first time I went there, the place was so small everybody had to walk through the kitchen, and there were a couple of well known Hollywood folks inside at a nearby table. It's the place where Presidents go when they hit town. But with all the food and drink (I only had 1/2 of a margarita with a few glasses of water) and celebration, I still monitored my calories for the day. To be sure, I was at the upper limit of the range but even if I had gone over a little, the train would not have derailed because I would have been right back on track the next day, not wondering if the event would put me on the wrong road for the next several weeks!

The newlyweds were around for a couple of days and have now gone to warmer climes. Yeah them! After temps in the low 20s the last couple of mornings, I'm thinking I should have gone with them. But with the wedding and Christmas, I missed a lot of SparkTime on the computer. Many of the blogs I normally read and comment on were missed. My workouts continued (shorter, yes) as did the calorie tracking. So for those of you who didn't see me comment on your blogs for a couple of days, life got in the way, but it didn't throw me off course! I'm still here and still sticking to the program. For those who fell off the horse, it's time to get back on now - don't wait for the mystical New Year and fake resolutions to get back on track. Do it now, it will only be harder next week! Get your SparkBuddies and beef up the support networks and make this the greatest time of your life!

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    Now I remember why I enjoy your blogs so much! You are so very real and all about taking responsibility for our downfalls. It made me think about my downfalls and how I try to justify them. Thanks again for being REAL and honest!! I really appreciate your truthfulness and welcome it any time from you!! emoticon emoticon
    Congrats to your family!!! emoticon
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo CD988070
    Gotta *love* happy family get-togethers! Even dear old Uncle Chester with the tobacco-stained moustache and the clickety false teeth is fun to be with! We had lots of that over Christmas. I wonder if *I'm* the 'dear old' rellie--I am after all the senior Grandad and Great-Uncle of the tribe . . . Except that a couple of years ago, a niece's little daughter said to me, " You CAN'T be a Grandpa--you don't have a big tummy!" Bless that girl, she's got a special place in the Will ; )

    Anyway, Rex, I know what you mean about missing out on Sparking. I've been going my best lick to spin the Log-in Wheel every day lately. I--who usually aims for 125 SparkPoints per day, including commenting on 5 blogs daily--going my best lick just to Log-in. Pathetic!

    Better days ahead. Happy New Year!
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13338702
    Congratulations on happy family event. Sounds like you handled that very well...that's why you get to be a moderator...also thanks for the nudge to network...I am getting better at handling out of the ordinary circumstances ...just not great at it yet.

    3093 days ago
    emoticon on your son's wedding!
    How wonderful is that, having an outdoor wedding this time of year...

    About falling off the wagon, that's a funny thing...
    I really want to stick to my healthy eating plan, I'm doing that most of the time, and I know that doing so makes me happier.
    But the thought never to be allowed eating mindlessly ever again is scary, even if I know it makes me feel bad.

    3093 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13344054
    emoticon to the Newlyweds and the proud Papa!
    3093 days ago
    Congratulations on your son's wedding, Rex! It sounds wonderful!

    Great blog! Thanks for the reminder that life happens! Congratulations also for being mindful of your program. If every time life happened we put our program on hold we'll never get going. I have mentioned before I started my program (restarted my program) on Nov. 6th. I had 12 holiday events in the months of December alone. I had to manage around those things, and thankfully I did just that.

    Let's see where the next chapter takes us.

    Here's to our good health in 2013!


    3094 days ago
    Congratulations! emoticon
    3094 days ago
    Sounds like you had a great time... without sabotaging yourself. Way to go!
    3094 days ago
    Congratulations to your son ~ and congratulations to you, as well. With all the festivities, you have handled things wonderfully well. emoticon I had to smile where you say that the newly weds went to somewhere with a better climate because I would be overjoyed if I had Texas' climate. emoticon I really enjoy your blogs, RG, and you always have great ideas to share. Thank you. :)
    3094 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/27/2012 11:38:48 AM
    3094 days ago
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