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Christmas Traditions

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I remember when I was a kid and Christmas came. I would wake up early in the morning, before my parents woke up, I would sneak out of my room and go to the tree. I would peek at the presents and make sure Santa brought some for me. Once I knew that there were presents under the tree, I would tiptoe to the stockings and check if they were full. When my parents woke up, we would open presents. Everything would be unwrapped and played with by 8 am.

After we unwrapped our presents from each other, we got ready to visit the rest of the family. My relatives always met at my Grandparents' house. It was a 25 minute drive and it seemed like it took forever to get there! When we arrived, I would race inside to find my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I would give great big hugs and out the door my cousins and I would go! We played outside in the snow for hours! We had snowball fights and built HUGE snowmen to cover the whole yard! Some rolled balls of snow too big to lift! They just stayed where they were and ended up being our seats!

Our parents would holler out the door, "Come on kids! Time to eat and then open gifts!"

We all would race to the door! With one of us getting hit by the last snowball someone had thrown.

Inside we would grab our plates of ham, stuffing, pickles, and more! Us kids would always finish our food first! Waiting for the adults to finish eating took forever! We would go back outside and play some more!

Soon, we got called in to open our presents! Cameras flashing brightly all over the room as we are opening our presents...everyone talking at once! Us kids shouting what we got and how cool it was! As we got done with our presents, we would say thank you to everyone and help pick up papers.

These are the nice memories I have of my childhood Christmas traditions.
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