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Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease and random internet diagnoses

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About 2 weekends ago (Friday 14DEC b/c I had to go back and look), I had a long tiring day at work and felt like doo-doo when I got home.
My throat was sore and scratchy but more dry than anything else. I was exhausted and decided that I'd best be cured by sleep but was fearful that I was getting a cold. I was slow all weekend, had trouble eating, and had to make myself eat on Saturday, but had a normal dinner (no binging, yay!) at a party. Dr had just increased my ADHD medication, so I thought it was the side effects.

Sunday afternoon, I hopped into the shower after my workout, and got out to glance down and see that my trunk was covered in a rash. Dark, flat, fleckly looking, and everywhere. I have food allergies, but nothing on my head where it usually turns up. Called in hubby to look at it, and he said, Looks like it's going away - it's NOT BAD! It didn't itch.

By this time, I had several sores in my mouth. I told him my throat was still scratchy - really really scratchy and dry but not sore, and that I felt like I had lesions in my mouth. He looked with a flashlight and mirror but didn't see much. It felt like I had scratched up my mouth with some really hard bread or potato chips. Or like when you bite your cheek and it doesn't heal. I showed my friend at work on Monday - she said, OH sometimes it takes a week for my mouth to heal when I've bit my cheek. I had an appointment later that day for my annual exam. The 'ladies' kind. So I did avail myself of the opportunity to visit with a medical professional and asked the nurse practitioner. She said...that rash is a virus. You can't do anything about a virus anyway, but it means your body is fighting it off and doing what it's supposed to do. Unless it gets worse, don't worry, etc.

By this time I had blisters on my feet. I had run on Sunday, so I figured my toes were sore. I couldn't see any erupting, but it felt like I had blisters that I couldn't see. And my fingers hurt. By that night, I saw small little red marks on my fingertips and some of my toes. But the rash on my trunk was going away. AND my appetite had returned with a vengeance. Tuesday I felt worse - still lesions and sores in my mouth, but nothing visible and these painful red blisters that never really came out but were in clusters all on my fingertips and several toes. I showed my husband and we were thinking maybe I'd hit the doc in the box. But it seemed to start getting better.

I did the feverish internet search. The self diagnosis....HAND, FOOT, & MOUTH DISEASE.
Which comes from saliva or stool (?) and frequently seen in children. Not to be confused with Hoof & Mouth disease. I read a lot of descriptions that adults might not have all the symptoms, or perhaps not as bad as in children, who might have horrible fevers, huge blisters and sores in the mouth, on the head, and blisters on hands and feet. I couldn't think of any children that I might have had contact with. We'd had a party the weekend before, but all adults. Stumped. Decided I might just be crazy. Cause, you know, how often do you actually self diagnosis from the internet and are correct? Like, never, right??

Fast forward to now....
My symptoms gradually went away, much to my relief. I was actually afraid to tell people at work, b/c I thought what if I had really had this illness - and baked cookies that I shared? emoticon
Plus, that weekend, I had baked 8, yes 8, loaves of bread to give as gifts. Pumpkin cranberry and chocolate chip oatmeal.

So yesterday, we had dinner at a friend's house. We've been going over there for Christmas day for about the last 3 years or so. They were at our breakfast on the morning of December 8. We had lasagna and garlic bread with salad. Nice dinner, good conversation, we took my brother and a dessert. We are nearing the end of the evening, when the wife says...OH BOY, we got ....... HAND FOOT AND MOUTH disease from our grandson!!!!!

He is about 2 1/2, and lives about 2 hours away. He'd gotten it at day care, and was miserable, had been taken to the pediatrician, who did the scrapes to make sure it wasn't anything else. SHE got horrible blisters on her feet and was hardly able to walk. He didn't have it quite as bad. From what I read, you can have a fever or not. Lots of blisters or not. They both got sores on the scalp line - which I suddenly remembered I had also gotten. so she had more oozing painful blisters and sores, he had almost none, and I just had painful sores with no erupted blisters, somewhere in between. Sounds like I was QUITE fortunate!

So I don't know why it was so very satisfying for me to learn that YES, I really did have this gross childhood form of cooties. I found it online after searching for days and it really is what I Had! That is not likely to ever happen again. So for those all you other internet hypochondriacs... We need to face facts that we're usually WRONG WRONG WRONG.

sometimes, You just might have that ookie thing. But probably... you don't.

PS....I can't post without a hefty dose of guilt. At the doctor's office, there are signs everywhere, stating that if you have any cold-symptoms that might be flu, you must leave and notify them and reschedule, b/c they don't want you breathing around the pregnant mammas and babies there. emoticon
I wasn't licking anything. Or sneezing, oozing, or otherwise spreading wet cooties to my knowledge. I was also obsessively washing my hands b/c I was worried I might be spreading cold germs. So I hope that I was not the cause of anyone else's ookieness, especially not a pregnant mamma emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I never heard of that and I raised three kids.

    Glad your symptoms weren't the worse, and you're feeling better.

    Don't you love having access to the internet!(as long as you aren't a hypochondriac)
    1973 days ago
    I've never had Hand, Foot & Mouth, but my kids used to get it from the ball pits in Burger King and McDonald's. It's amazing that we can diagnose ourselves with today's technology. (My husband used it to diagnose my appendicitis and it was off to the hospital.)

    I hope you feel better soon!
    1973 days ago
    Hope you are feeling better now, it sounds like you were really quite unwell. I know just what you mean about finding alternative explanations for a whole bunch of symptoms. What is it with not going to the doctor!!!
    All the best for the New Year.
    1974 days ago
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