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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is anyone else spending Christmas alone? Let me know if you read this.

This is the first year I am spending Christmas alone. My Christmas was the 23rd as we had church dinner the 23rd and also a later meal with good friends.

I enjoyed all including the wonderful service and program at church but Christmas day everyone wants to be with blood family.

God bless you and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

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    aww sorry you were alone on Christmas. I had this one doctor 10 years ago ask if I was alone on Thanksgiving. She was going to invite me over to her house. She was inviting people who did not have anywhere to go. I ran into her at Trader Joes. I had family to stay with but I thought that was the nicest thing.
    1963 days ago
    Getting caught up on so many of the blogs here on SparkPeople . . . sorry for being so late to this party. Merry Ninth Day of Christmas as I write this and Happy New Year, Irene! We're never alone when we make Jesus the reason for the season! So glad you had the best of comforters along your side to remember why this day is so important. You share your faith with so many great people -- keep His message alive and well! Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1970 days ago
    Irene - I am just now catching up on blogs. Sorry you had to spend Christmas alone. emoticon emoticon
    1971 days ago
    Oh my I am reading this late. I am so sorry you were alone on Christmas. I know that the Lord was with you and I sure would have had you over if you lived in California.

    Please stop by my page ANYTIME. It is a honor to be spark friends with you and I am so grateful for your encouragement and words of wisdom.

    1972 days ago
    Hi Irene!!
    I am sorry i didnt read this sooner...I am hoping that next year you will talk to your minister and maybe the church can plan for those alone to meet for a few hours of fellowship on Christmas!!
    For several years i have looked for people who would enjoy sharing holidays with us. This year there was a letter to the editor in the paper from a 30 year old woman who said she always spent holidays with her mom and her mom decided to go to florida, so were there others that would like to share her holiday meal? all she asked was for them to bring a dish to pass if they could, but if they couldnt that was fine, too. she offered to go pick them up, and take them home. She asked that no liquor be brought, and she had room for 11 people.
    she later wrote that it had been wonderful..they had food from all different cultures, were planning on meeting for Christmas also (the letter was written 2 weeks before Thanksgiving) and were all good friends now planning for the fun of the next holiday.
    Big hugs to you, Irene!!!
    1976 days ago
    After reading most of the comments I want to say--Spending Christmas alone because there is no one to spend it with is so much more lonely then knowing
    you are having or have had people over before or after Christmas.

    Irene I know you celebrate Christmas because you believe it is the birthday of Jesus, well then pray and be happy about that. I would not mind being alone, Christmas is just a time of hurt and sadness for so many. WHY do we need a day to have family over and make Merry--- why can't we just do it anytime?

    On another note , I have a son, that I love dearly, he spends all his time alone, I have a BIL who does the same thing, Jerry did it too. These people make their own choices to be lonely, I hurt for my son, but I gave up asking him to come in we are about 20 min. away from each other.
    I know that doesn't have anything to do with you being alone on Christmas, I have said it before and I will say it again, you are such a wonderful thoughtful Lady, some Christian family should have ask you to dinner on Christmas Day, I know I would have cooked just to have you in my home.

    Love and many many Hugs. It is a blessing to know you.

    1977 days ago
    I just read this, and am sorry that you were alone.

    I know you couldn't HAVE to ask someone, and people can be clueless, but sometimes there are friends or aquitences that genuinely would welcome you in their home with hospitality , if you made you need known.

    Not everybody makes me one feel like an outsider , and awkward, although some do.

    Two years ago, I ran into a gentleman name Tom at our local library. He told me that he and his friend Jerry didn't hardly have any contact with people from their church next door. They have health reasons, they don't go to church much.

    They used to come for nearly 30 years

    Everybody ASSUMED they had friends coming out the door and ringing off their phone.

    Therefore I adopted them, and also send them cards and call and visit.
    1977 days ago
    Irene, may you be filled with the presence of Jesus! Sorry you were alone. Know that you're being thought of now! emoticon
    1977 days ago
    Irene, Just got done reading your comments people left on this lonely blog....I had no idea there were so many people alone on the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

    I feel in my heart and soul that Christmas and all other celebrations that we humans celebrate are meant to be celebrated with one another.

    I am so sorry you were alone.

    Christmas has to be the lonliest celebration time of the year. I don't know why but I think that many people commit suicide on Christmas Day and the devil just loves it.

    The day light hours are short and if we are alone it just really makes us feel so alone and empty and the streets are empty and the stores are closed and everyone else is busy with their own family and friends.

    I can really feel your lonely empty heart on this day that is meant to NOT be alone.

    When we spend Christmas alone it is like we are abanded and left alone with no one caring for us.

    I used to feel this way when I was growing up because my mom worked every Christmas and I was left alone till the day after Christmas and I did not have a dad.

    I spent my growing up years alone all the time and getting into trouble all the time because I was always thinking of things to do that were not the best things to do for a kid.

    But, then I got married and married three times and had seven children and just have never been alone since then.

    I turned 16 and had my first baby and then got married when I was 17 and life has been so busy and full of my family ever since then.

    But, anyways I am so sorry you were alone on that most important time to be with someone,

    I hope this never happens to you again. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1978 days ago
    If you lived closer, I'd come get you so you wouldn't have to be alone. I always make sure that no one around me is alone.
    1978 days ago
    Hi, I relate to much I just read. I spent Christmas alone too. My husband died almost two years ago and this was my second Christmas alone. I received a couple of calls from adult children but not from all of them. I felt sad most of the day and am very glad its over for another year.. emoticon
    1978 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Irene, though I didn't get on here yesterday, I thought of you dear. Reading your blog, it is surprising how many are alone at Christmas.
    It is too bad that the churches don't get up something for those who are alone, so they can get together for Christmas Day. Even a few hours would brighten the day.
    But as I've said before, you are never really alone, you know He is with you, always.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1978 days ago
    I spend my Christmas's alone every year. My husband died in '94 in a car accident at the age of 43. No kids. My oldest, married brother is busy with his wife's family and/or his kids and their families. One other brother is always working, and the other, after going thru a messy divorces, decided 6 yrs ago he doesn't want to talk to me, or one of his 2 daughters, any more.

    It is a lonely time, I can relate. I have the pleasant memories of growing up, when my parents were alive and I lived at home. The smell of a Christmas tree in the house, the family get together and Christmas dinner. My one strength is my faith, and going to Mass on Christmas Day. Yesterday I had a simple dinner after church, and I listened to all the wonderful Christmas carols on the classical music station. My working brother called me. I don't miss the commercialization of the holiday, the frantic shopping frenzy portrayed every year, and how secular the country is getting......

    Hope you made it thru the day with a few good memories, and the Peace of the season..
    1978 days ago
    I am sorry you spent the day alone. Sometimes people don t Think about the ones with no family around.
    I think this Holiday is very hard on you having lost your brother.
    then then losing your nieice as Family....
    1978 days ago
    I spent my Christmas with my Rusty kitty and a new cat I received on Saturday. The new one is almost all black with a dot of white on her (I think it's a her)chest. She is very shy and spends most of her time under my bed.

    I did call two of my three daughters to wish them a joyous Christmas, for some reason, I don't have a current number for my youngest, so I "called" her on
    1978 days ago
    Irene, this year I am with my family, but for many years I was alone on Christmas. My mother-in-law lived 9 hours away, and since she really disliked me, my gift to her was to send my hubby and the grandkids to her house for a week so she wouldn't be alone. My hubby was an only child.

    I never minded being alone for Christmas because I was with my family for the rest of the year. Now that the kids are grown and gone, and hubby lives 6 hours away to take care of my son I am so grateful to have them for Christmas.

    We were not able to go to church this year as we don't all fit in the vehicle with the wheelchair. You are so blessed to have a wonderful church family!

    1978 days ago
    Dear Irene, No, I am blessed to be with family today, but I know ONEKIDSMOM and JOHAL are both alone. Hope things worked out for you today. Glad you already had some good holiday time with friends and church members. Sorry you didn't have family with you today. Hang in there. -Marsha
    1978 days ago
    Hi, Irene -
    I had lunch with my brother at a Chinese restaurant. But it's been a hard few days. I would rather have had people at church invite me over, and I know others got those invitations. If I didn't sing in the choir I would have skipped last night's Christmas Eve service. But I went, and I was blessed and reminded of the awesomeness of God coming to us in human form. And a friend there knew I was feeling down and gave me a box of Christmas goodies - for me and my cats. :-)
    Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season, but Christmas is very family-oriented as well. God promises to "place the lonely in families", and I'm still waiting for that to happen for me.
    1978 days ago
    1978 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    I have had to spend all Holidays alone for Years. It has been extremely had on me knowing my Son is 50 miles away spending them with his Dad and that side of family. There is no phone calls etc. I have to let go and put it in Gods Hands. Let Him handle it. Have no friends either. I hope You have a Very Merry Christmas. Jesus Is The Reason For The Season. Happy Birthday Jesus. We Have an Awesome God. God Bless You and Have an Enjoyable Day. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1978 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/25/2012 7:28:53 PM
    Merry Christmas Irene, We spent Christmas Eve with my late husbands family. Alan's Mom is 91 and he had 6 brothers and sisters. It was awesome with about 60 people..all the kids grandkids and great grandkids. Grandma loved it. I have done this since 1968 more or less. All the Mareks accepted my new husband right away and treat him like family. He was blown away. It was nice to see my 3 sons and grandchildren. All my brother and sister-in laws and of course Alan's Mom. They live in Il. and we live in Mi. but it not to far to visit once in awhile. Today we are home alone but happy thinking about last night. Sending you blessings and hugs today. Judy and Ken
    1978 days ago
    Irene, it is just hubby and I today as we had our Christmas yesterday evening. Our son was here but left early this morning going back home ahead of the bad weather (lives 4 hrs away from us) and our local daughter had to go to in-laws today. Our younger daughter called Friday morning that they would not be coming home from Indiana this year--first Christmas Holidays that we have not had all the grands for
    Christmas. Also first Christmas without any parent as daddy died last May. Thinking and praying for you today too. (((H*GS)))
    1978 days ago
  • MEME102
    Hi Irene - I didn't spend it alone but I wanted you to know I"m thinking of you!! I was widowed over 35 years ago with 2 small girls....and at that time I was alone and I do remember it well. Yes I had my 2 girls but it was so overwhelming as my dh had just passed away in November. But, as I"m sure you know -- life goes on and we keep moving on. (and I never reallly liked that so much!!!) So I'm sending you warm winter wishes...hoping you're warm, and found something to do that you enjoyed today. I read where someone was listening to music - that would be my way of spending a quiet afternoon!
    1978 days ago
    yes, Irene, i am alone but no alone as i know God, Jesus and my guardian angel are with me.

    had hoped that since my niece decided to reconcile me that she and her daughters in their 20's might invite me over or come here for at least a cup of tea. but not even a phone call. she did come yesterday for a few minutes, i gave her a present, she had given me one a couple of weeks ago.

    I think she had different motives for the reconcile but like your Memo to God i put my feeling in his what i call 'incoming box' for His action in His Time.

    i am very happy with my Spark friends. happy you are having a good day.

    JO emoticon

    1978 days ago
    With my husband snoozing (again) in his lounge chair, I would welcome your company. Thinking about the loss of your brother certainly adds to your loneless. I have been listening to Christmas music today. It has lifted my spirits a lot.
    1978 days ago
    Irene, I am also alone today. My husband is a deputy and is working a 12 hour shift today. The kids are 6 1/2 hours away. We will get to see them and the grandkids later this week. That will be more like Christmas. We are getting snow - I'm guessing about three inches so far. It is still coming down. Thinking of you on this blessed holiday. emoticon Glenda
    1978 days ago
    Second year spending Christmas alone. DS and family will be coming tomorrow and staying til Saturday. He wanted to come earlier but I remember how hard it was to travel with small kids and their presents at Christmas. So I insisted that he wait til after Christmas. He will be returning early so they can spend time with DIL family at cabin in Wisconsin.

    Friday had annual Christmas dinner with church friends. After church Sunday exercise buddy was over for dinner and gift exchange. Yesterday took lunch to friends where I used to work then delivered cross stitched stockings I had made to BF and her family.

    Today I'm baking cookies for grandkids. Waited til today so I would not be tempted to eat too many - making monster cookies, Niemann Marcus, snicker doodles and my fav cherry winks. Still have a few presents to wrap.

    I'm sure that we are in the thoughts of our loved ones who couldn't be with us today. emoticon

    1978 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/25/2012 4:10:02 PM
  • CAROLYN0107
    Irene, I'm here. Spent Christmas with 17 other Americans, including two children. I'm bushed and I ate too much. It is almost 10 pm here and I'm headed to bed. I'm glad you were able to spend time together on the 23rd. Sorry you had no one with whom to spend today. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1978 days ago
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