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My Christmas gifts!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Today is day 10 of my streak!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy holiday! I am preparing a nice meal for my hubby and son....I'm making their favorite, crockpot meatloaf, from a recipe I got on the Food Network website. Since I'm a vegetarian, I won't be having any of it. But I WILL have a treat today, just a little one! I bought the cutest little cake from the grocery store yesterday. Its supposed to be 2 servings but I will cut it into three so that we can all have some. I have already written it in my food journal, and although I will be at the higher end of my calories today because of it, I will still be on track. I know that one little treat won't ruin my whole day, and it doesn't have to turn into a binge. I'm going to enjoy that little piece of cake!

Last night, I just couldn't wait...there were two gifts under the tree for me, and I just had to open them! First was a gift from my Sparkfriend Janesloss. She sent me a really pretty tea mug (I drink tea all day long) and a box of spicy orange tea. Normally I go more for the "dessert" type of teas...my favorite is French Vanilla, and I would love to find some chocolate tea someday! So this tea from Jane was not something I normally would have chosen for myself, but it sure is good! I will definitely buy myself some more of it when this box is gone. Thanks for the mug and the tea, Jane....and for getting me to try a new flavor instead of the same old, same old!

Also under the tree for me was a gift from my hubby. Since he is unemployed right now, money is tight and we agreed that we wouldn't exchange gifts with each other. Well, he surprised me! He sold something from his sports memorabilia collection so that he could buy me a Wii workout...Zumba! This is the one he got for me;


I have already worked out with it three times since I opened it last night....and I don't look ANYTHING like those women in the video when they workout, lol. I look more like Curly from the 3 Stooges! I feel like such a lumbering klutz when I do the workout, but I just laugh and keep going. I may not look graceful when I Zumba, but it sure does get my heart rate up, and its a lot of fun! Plus, I know I will get better at it if I stick with it.

That is one thing I've learned this year....just keep going and you will get better! When I first started streaking on March 1, I was working out with My Fitness Coach for Wii, and every workout I did was hard for me. I wanted to quit about a million times. But I stuck with it, and the workouts started to get easier. Then I realized...the workouts are not getting easier. The workouts are the same. But I'm getting better! That realization was such an eye opener to me, and now whenever I struggle with something, I just remind myself that if I keep trying, I'll get better.

When I first started my original streak back in March, a 15 minute workout exhausted me. Now I workout for at least an hour a day (and usually more.) When I first started DDP Yoga in May, it was so hard...but I kept at it and I got better. Now I have my Wii Zumba workout, and just you wait...I'm going to get better, and one of these days I won't look like a clodhopper when I do the workout, lol.

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