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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just a quick light hearted blog I thought I'd share. My house is infamous for clutter! I'm sure some of you can relate. It's a 3bedroom, 1 bathroom home with 3 people (1 being a tween) living in it and a 13 year old living in it too during the summer. Well, hubby is a PACKRAT! That's right, I'm using caps! He saves EVERYTHING! Things u know he'll NEVER need again~~Receipts from 2011, cheese knives (I have no idea where they came from), car parts he has long since replaced, just STUFF. Well, we finally had it out. His stuff was beginning to overrun the house! We had the infamous "blowout" that I'm sure many of u wives out there have had before. Girlfriends, wives, hubbies, u know what I'm talking about~~the "THAT'S IT--I'M THROWING IT ALL OUT" blow out. Well, he actually let me clean up his clutter yesterday! How nice of him, right, to let me clean up the clutter~! So, yesterday, for 3 hours, I dusted, cleaned, threw out, and organized every corner, closet, and room in my house. Yep, 3 hours of hard labor. I do have a bad back so the tough parts (lifting, high shelves) he and his son did. I burned over 500 cals by the time I was done. My house is now CLUTTER FREE! I had 6 bags of trash and 8 bags of donated clothes and shoes! We got rid of all that too so it's not sitting in a corner "waiting to be thrown out"~~I made him get rid of it right then! Everything now has a home. My bathroom is almost completely redone. On a funny note, apparently I used to be a big Pointer Sisters fan back in the 80s because the plumber found a Pointer Sisters poster from 1986 behind the drawers in my bathroom. How embarrasing! You should have seen the hair and makeup! Lol..

So, yep, that's my story. Thought I'd share how happy I am now that my home is completely clean and organized. It's a big step for hubby, you could almost feel the panic when I started throwing away the cheese knives...
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    My house is in need of that too, as my hubby is also a Pack Rat. Every once in a while, like once a year, I can get him to go on a short "if you don't use it, get rid of it" spurt, but it's tough. I would simply LOVE to have a clutter-free home. With the BP, it's important for me to have a more stress-less environment. But, to be perfectly honest, I'm responsible for a bit of the clutter myself, though I'm not nearly as bad as him. I'm more ruthless in getting rid of stuff. It's helpful to remind myself that I'm not using something, and it could bless someone else when I donate it. That mindset helps me to not save too much unnecessary stuff.

    Happy New Year, Courtney (a bit belated, but the thought is still there).
    2970 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by my page.... I wish I could say this about my house, but even with this many adults and almost adults, nobody seems to care quite as much as I do about clutter control and cleanliness. I am having lots of fun trying to get myself around with certain areas of clutter.

    I wish you the best this new year--all will get better, give it your best and the time it needs and you shall see. Take care of yourself and the rest will fall in place!

    Gentle hugs,
    2971 days ago
    Hey girl! Congratulations on a job well done. Wish I could get Scott's girlfriend to do the same thing. Have a great new year in your clutter-free home! emoticon
    2980 days ago
    Isn't it a great feeling?!

    I just had one such similar experience. I've had issues with my gallbladder and for the past few months it's made me so sick that I hadn't been able to clean up the house very well...and while my fiance means well, he has *issues* with putting things away after he uses them, and needless to say the house was a bit overrun for a good while. Well, last week I finally had my gallbladder removed, and am recovering fairly I've been able to start taking care of this mess. I do have my limitations and am making sure not to push too hard too fast, so when something is too heavy or too high the fellow helps, and when something is too low the kiddo helps (I started on her early...she actually likes helping me clean. lol). Our place is starting to look like a home again instead of "the place we keep our stuff"! hehe
    2982 days ago
    Must feel good to have that done. That's on my horizon in the coming weeks.
    2982 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    Yay! I'm a clutter person, but I can appreciate the open spaces at home. I'm just cluttery in piles... a pile by my bed, a pile by the couch, you get it. So glad you are happy!
    2984 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4630076
    aw :) Thats soooo great! Bet it feels so good!!!!
    2984 days ago
    Congrats on getting your home organized. It must feel great.
    I have a ton of organization to do and just don't have the energy to do it. I'm hoping it will be done by Spring.
    2985 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12233636
    Congrats! That has to be a great, refreshed feeling! Merry Christmas!
    2985 days ago
    That is soooo fantastic!! emoticon
    2985 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    I am jealous that it only took you three hours! I think mine would take three days! Congrats for getting it done!
    2985 days ago
    Yay! What a great way to get ready for the new year!
    2986 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    emoticon How funny! We all have our special things. Now you have room for all the Christmas presents. emoticon
    2986 days ago
    First, thanks for the goodie! Second, we could be married to the same man!!! I am so jealous that you got to get rid of and organize. We've been married 41 years--and, I've not been able to do much of that!! He does keep it fairly contained to the basement and garage--lucky me!!!
    2986 days ago
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