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Embarrassing Holiday Experiences - The Revenge of the Cacti

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This is not my story, but it is funny that's for sure!!!

A few years back we went to Tenerife. You will probably be aware that they sell little Cacti everywhere, but I decided I wanted a 'Native' one. To retrieve a cactus I hung precariously over a rocky ledge, pulling a muscle and scraping my ankle.

We then took a bus journey with the retrieved cactus in the pocket of my shorts. Out of spite the cactus secretly stuck its barbs into my thighs and testicles. I was unaware of this until we reached the nearby town where we were to disembark. When I stood I screamed in agony attracting the strangest of looks from all around. Hobbling off the bus to a nearby bench I then spent a good ten minutes removing the barbs and a further five removing the remaining ones from the cactus.

Victorious we then moved on and entered a supermarket through a turnstile... The cactus in my pocket became trapped between leg and bar and BANG! explosion of red dye and cacti pulp! For seven days I had a purple leg and for the rest of that first day I walked around looking like I had been shot!

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