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National Chocolate Day & National Egg Nog Day

Monday, December 24, 2012

National Chocolate Day

When : Always December 24

We hope that you haven't quite had your fill of chocolate during the holidays, as today is National Chocolate Day.

As we researched this day, we were a bit perplexed. Most of us have been enjoying chocolate treats all month long. All of the holiday parties have ample supplies for chocolate candies, cookies and other treats. Christmas get-togethers and Christmas stockings have plenty of chocolate. Wherever you go this month, chocolate of some kind has been less than an arms length away.

Equally confusing is the fact that National Chocolate Anything Day occurs earlier in the month. We wonder why there are two practically identical holidays so close together.

Then the answer dawned on us...... Chocoholics! If you count yourself in this group, and we hope you do, then every day should be National Chocolate Day!

Origin of National Chocolate Day:
Our extensive search has yet to discover any factual content on this very special day. We have little doubt the the candy industry or a confectioner created this chocolaty day.

There was some reference to this as a "National Day". We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

National Egg Nog Day

When : Always December 24

National Egg Nog Day comes but once a year. It celebrates a special, traditional holiday drink. It is consumed with or without Rum. The timing couldn't be any better-- the day before Christmas--- Christmas Eve!

Egg Nog is a seasonal holiday drink. It appears just before Thanksgiving, and is enjoyed by many at the Thanksgiving meal. Consumption then takes a break until the December holidays are in full swing. Consumption of egg nog peaks on Christmas Eve. By the New Year, it is no longer available in stores. If you want eggnog after New Year's you will likely have to make it yourself.

No one seems to know who created National Egg Nog Day. But, egg nog lovers are ecstatic that this day exists. It's loaded with stuff that tastes really good. It's loaded with stuff that's not good for you. Egg Nog afficienados will tell you that its mmmmm delicious!

The Correct Spelling: This holiday drink is spelled "Egg Nog" and "Eggnog", about equally. The carton in the store spells it "Egg Nog". Which is correct? It depends upon how much rum is in your Egg Nog! ... bottoms up!

Origin of National Egg Nog Day:
Our extensive search has yet to discover any factual content on this very special day.

There was some reference to this as a "National Day". Perhaps, our fine national leaders had a wee bit too much eggnog when, and they voted this as a National Day. However, we found no congressional records or presidential proclamation supporting this line of thought.

Should the two be combined to make Chocolate Egg Nog? I don't think so!
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