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I reached goal weight 42 years ago!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

I am not quite sure of the exact date, it was really a long time ago, but it was about Christmastime 1970. My goal has dropped since then; as I've gotten older I can't carry the same amount of weight. I weigh about 10 pounds less now than my original 21 year old goal. I sure can't eat as much as I did back then. If I ate today what I ate to lose when I was 21, I'd GAIN weight. I remember gaining 10 pounds over menopause, but that was about accepting a radical change in how my body worked, and once I accepted the new limitations (arrgghh!) that weight came off.

Is it easy? Well, it's easy-ER, but not always easy. A goal doesn't need to be easy in order to be achieved. I remember the events of the last 42 years vividly, but not so much the food that accompanied them. There's a lesson in that. I eat to my Plan and enjoy the events. That's how I have a life worth remembering.

Some people tell me that I must be very strong to be able to stay at goal weight, but it isn't true. People with physical limitations learn to live with them because they have no choice and it's obvious. I have food limitations and I DO have a choice, but I accept them and live within them. It's not always easy, but limitations are limitations even when they are invisible to others.

And today I will be prepping the big dinner here tomorrow. I am now Grandma. The big dinners we had every year at my mother's are now here. Most of the older generation is gone, just Mom now, but lots of new family members in the newest generation. I get to feed them, which gives me the opportunity to cook mounds of food. They are all of normal weight, so they'll eat and drink moderately (how did I manage to have moderate kids???) and they take all the rest home. I'll be left with a safe, warm house with lots of happy memories in the very air. Memories are calorie free and I feast on them.

Have a glorious Christmas everyone!!
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