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DON'T rely totally on technology and planning, it was just shear DETERMINATION!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday morning the sun-rise was beautiful and I was very hopeful we would be able to drive to Belfast Maine to meet my Spark friends. emoticon
Last night we had a power outage emoticon and this morning was very windy.
I really wanted to go but I was a bit uncertain about DH wanting to go. I was up early and did a bit of Sparking. Once DH was up he said he wanted to go with me. I called my Spark Friends to confirm our meeting.

I was not able to tell them exactly what time we would be there since it is a long drive. We had anticipated around 11am to 11-30am.
As soon as we arrived in Belfast I decided I needed a cup of coffee. I had been up much earlier than DH and being diabetic and unsure when we would be eating I wanted coffee and a snack. emoticon
In McDonald’s car park I called my Spark friend DOWNEASTLASS and she was baking a batch of cookies so I told her to take her time and I would call the other Friend and we would all meet at the restaurant we had chosen. I proceeded to call our new friend MIDCOASTMOXIE and she said she would be right over and meet at the restaurant.

DH and I drove down towards the water front and waited in the chosen restaurant car park. There were no cars there and we waited, we noticed very few lights were on inside the restaurant.
A man in a Santa suit and his young lady Elf walked across the car park and went to the restaurant door.
I was getting most anxious so I walked across the car park to see what was going on. DH was close behind and I saw a lady walking down the street towards us and she was looking at me and I hesitantly spoke and she knew me from my pictures but I did not recognize her. She extended her hand and with great relief DH and I greeted MIDCOASTMOXIE.
We still waited in the car park and were certain this restaurant was closed and my new friend said there was a note on the door it said-
Re-Opening December 26th !!.

I tried to call DOWNEASTLASS and my cell phone did not work. No matter where I tried to use it there was no response.
Both of our cell phones were fully charged so I used DH phone and was informed on his phone that I had to use the area code.
I used the area code and no dial ever came up. We had bars but no connection.
MOXIE was in the back seat and offered to call, there was no answer so she left a message.
By now it had been a very long time and I was getting quite dis-heartened but MOXIE and DH were talking and smiling so that as a good sign.

We drove back to McDonalds where we had coffee, it was on route #1 and I had originally called from there. I tried my phone, no connection, tried DH phone no connection.
MOXIE used her phone and Bingo she found DOWNEASTLASS on the other end.

I took the phone and made a plan to go to another Seafood restaurant close to the original choice.
We arrived at the waterfront where THE WEATHERVANE restaurant is and introductions were made, laughs and hugs all round. Even DH got hugs despite his whiskers.

We went through the door and it appeared we were expected.
DOWNEASTLASS knew this was our favorite restaurant and it was very close to the original location. She had gone in there three times trying to find us.
When we sat down the waiter told us that there are limited cell phone towers and US cellular does not connect in this part of town. He had used them and he had switched to Verizon.
Then we discovered DOWNEASTLASS had left her home in a hurry and forgot her cell phone. The odd thing about this situation was when all of these issues came about we all laughed and became closer as friends, it was amazing. All four of us had a fantastic meet and we really got to know one another.

When the waiter took our order we were still chatting. DOWNEASTLASS said she had been to the original restaurant and sat for a long time in the car park.
I told her we did also. She said she parked right by the front door.
The parking there was very narrow so with our big mini-van we drove to the back. I asked her if by any chance she saw Santa and Elf and she had watched them walk by.
We were both sitting in the car park all the time and AT THE SAME TIME. We in the back and she in front.
We had no clue the restaurant would be closed and she could not connect to our phone and we could not connect to hers. I had no reason to give her MOXIES phone number since they did not know one another.
What a comedy of errors! emoticon
We sat and chatted for a very long time. There were few people still eating the waiter said, "Stay as long as you like", so we did. emoticon
We had a really good time despite the problems we encountered.
We took them on in a positive, lighthearted way. That enabled us to enjoy this day no matter what had happened.
The laughable problems were the ice breakers for a really good encounter for the four of us.
We are planning to get together again and walk on the Rail Trail in Augusta.

In the Summer another Spark Friend will hopefully join us from New Jersey. DH and I have met her and her DH twice now. She and MOXIE are already friends. They are both ZUMBA instructors and I hope DOWNEASTLASS can be there to join us. That would be so great!

I am proposing we all go to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens next Summer, we love the place and we go often.

Like I said, DO NOT RELY TOTALLY ON TECHNOLOGY, and if it ever fails you I hope you can come up with a work-around solution.
STAY DETERMINED! We all did that today and it paid off big time. emoticon

Yesterday I said this was my BIG TREAT after staying home when DH was so sick. I feel like I was given a Wonderful GIFT--Another Spark friend, and another live HUG ! emoticon
DH and I are happy we did this today, we both had such a good time. emoticon
Thanks!-- WE NEEDED THAT! emoticon
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