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Friday, December 21, 2012

We had no internet for THREE DAYS. It was crazy. But now I've got a slow version of it so I thought I'd do my quickie check-in:

1) Snowboarding is hard. And it torches wicked amounts of calories. And it hurts a whole whole lot when you fall and hit your head. So learn to fall in ways that don't hurt.

2) Snowboarding is awesome. And it torches wicked amounts of calories. And if feels really really awesome when you get it right. So learn to get it right.

3) It's really hard to meet the specific goals I set for myself in terms of calorie count. I am not actually adding everything up until I have a good long time in front of a nicer computer than this little net book, but I bet I don't make my goals all the time.

CAVEAT: On the other hand, I have NEVER made choices this good on vacation. I am not making everyday a crazy day, I'm not drinking like it's my only chance to ever have beer, I'm still writing down everything I eat. I'm chosing food based on whether it will fulfill my goals for the day and for the week, not on "Oh, it's vacation!"

Case in point, this morning: We went somewhere that had a chicken fried steak breakfast with cream gravy. They also had biscuits and gravy with SCRATCH made biscuits, green chili sausage, and cream gravy made just the way I like it. These two situations usually combine to make a Beth-food-coma-of-overfull-hap
py. So I ordered two eggs and a piece of ham and ate half a slice of toast. (BOOM) My husband actually stopped me while I was ordering as if I had made some sort of mistake and I just said, "I got what I wanted, no worries!" IT WAS AWESOME YOU GUYS.

I also chose a 1/4 lb hamburger with no cheese and NO FRIES at the last place we stayed instead of the many many tasty other options. And not only did I feel virtuous and proud of myself, I also felt full and not over-full. I had energy the next day and felt awesome about myself.

So far, I don't know how the strict goals are going since I'm not stressing it, but I've signed up to be the designated driver on snowy mountain roads after the beer festival tomorrow, which should be another step in the right direction. I'm feeling awesome about all of this. More will come someday when I have a faster connection, better computer, and more time.

For now, I'm busy shredding (slowly, and still on the bunny hill after three days).
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