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Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello Sparkles!

Well, I've been watching the news today, and preliminary reports say that the world has not ended. Coincidentally, I just found an interesting, thought-provoking article from February of this year. You may have already read it and others may have blogged about it, but it was new to me. So, I thought I'd share it here.

The article is entitled, "What if Botticelli had Photoshop?" ....You guessed it, well known images of feminine beauty (from a certain age) apparently have gone under the knife! --Well, the air brush, anyway. Having been subjected to our current societal expectations, their bodies have trimmed down substantially. Details about whether said women underwent virtual liposuction, or if they may have subjected themselves to retroactive starvation diets, were not released. The medical records for Venus were unavailable, although she looks to be within a healthy weight range in her before photos, er, I mean paintings. It is doubtful that she would have had diabetes, heart disease or that her blood pressure, triglycerides or LDL would have been too high.

In related modern era stories, teen girls have recently protested and petitioned Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine, requesting that these publications show images of "Real Girls". They want the depictions to be displayed sans tampering. This seemed like a reasonable request. They held a peaceful protest. No training bras were burned. The girls raised just enough rabble to get the attention of the media, in a most grown up and appropriate way. They even started an organization to support their cause. (It has the word "Spark" in its name, too!) Victory was theirs. But really, they only kinda got any agreement from these glossy rags. Mostly, they were just told to go away. Humph. But wait; they're young yet. They just might change the world.

What do you think about the images of women, as portrayed throughout the ages? --Guys, please weigh in, too! Are the images the media feeds us too extreme? Is being just a little curvy really... the end of the world?

Have a Sparky Day! (It could be the last one, ever.)
: )
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    B. Exercise videos (TV/DVD/online, etc.)

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    1924 days ago
    Body image as the media portrays is hard on men and women I think. Women want to be like the models and men want to be muscle bound like the body builders.

    Just yesterday hubby and I were discussing the Miss Universe contest and he said women looked better in the 60's because they had some curves.

    Marilyn Monroe was curvy and still sexy, men still have posters of her today.
    Although Arnie is nice to look at in his body building days, give me Sean connery every time.

    I feel sorry for the women that are really skinny, they do look really boney.

    What is perfection to one is not to another. Just as well men and women are attracted to all types.
    1944 days ago
  • _BABE_
    I think curves are fabulous and if you look at the supermodels of the 90s I think most of them are still in the hearts and minds of a lot of men ( did anyone see Cindy Crawford at 46 on the cover of some fitness magazine last month)..maybe they were even photoshopped...what can you say its a perfection oriented biz. .....Do you thin you will be able to say the same for the reed thin gap toothed look of 2012?
    1950 days ago
    Very interesting! Thanks for posting this!
    1951 days ago
    I actually think every one of those paintings looked better before photo-shopping.
    I'm a curvy shape and even though I'm focussing on getting smaller, I really hope I get to keep my curves. I don't ever want to look the way the media says we're 'supposed' to.
    1951 days ago
    I'm glad the teenage girls are finally standing up to magazines! It means that they have caring women role models in their lives that are teaching them what real women and girls should look like. I tried to do the same with my daughter.

    Jamie Lee Curtis is another women that refuses to be "photoshopped" for her magazine pictures.

    Let's hope that this trend continues!
    1951 days ago
    Did you notice that even though most other parts of the body have been made smaller, the breasts have stayed the same size or in some cases gotten larger? Diets don't do that (ask me how I know) -- so there is some radical cosmetic surgery going on there, I think. emoticon
    1951 days ago
    The painting "photoshops" are really interesting, and make an excellent point!
    1951 days ago
    Body image has changed throughout history. Curvy women are more fertile than skinny woman, so are more attractive to potential mates. Women need a little fat on their bones to carry a child to full term, and breast feed it for a couple of years. Starving women didn't reproduce as well. Now, of course, very few women in this country don't get enough to eat. Well off women can obtain and consume healthy food. Less well off women can't get the same fresh fruits and vegetables, and are more dependent on unhealthy, fast food or junk food that is cheap and available. So thin women have become the ideal. But too thin is as unhealthy as too fat. We need to aim for moderation, and it would be nice if the media reflected that moderation.
    1951 days ago
    There is an old saying "seeing is believing"....well, that is no longer the case is it?

    What ever is happening is happening.

    We really will never know what a certain someone really looks like in real life until we see them face to face and in the flesh and the here and now. LOL

    I agree with those young ladies that they should leave the photos alone and not to doctor them up to perfection.
    1951 days ago
    I'm with the girls! Let's see what these "beauties" are really all about!
    1951 days ago
    I used to attempt to style my hair like Paulina Poriszkova in the 90s. I finally realized her hair was not hanging down her back, it was all combed in front of her shoulders. I had to actually live and work and could never look like a woman who simply stood still and looked pretty. I mostly watch my fashion on TV's The Fashion Police and the girls look pretty fit for the most part. Perhaps they are wearing Spanx all the time. The models in magazines are surely photoshopped, but papporozzi pics probably are not.
    1951 days ago
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