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5 reasons why I want to get these 10 lbs back off and continue with the strength training

Friday, December 21, 2012

So it's been a very good year.

I broke all previous records from 2010 and 2011 (the year I was on shoulder rehab) for number of rivers paddled (47), hours in my boats (366:37:03), days paddled (103), difficulty of rivers paddled (IV-V), calories burned on rivers (48,146) and calories burned boating overall (116,200).

I kayaked in NY, MA, WV, PA, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina, and Chile.

I paddled the Bottom Moose (IV-V)

And I'm back from my trip to Argentina and Chile:

I got on some of the biggest white water I've ever seen (the Futalefu in Chile). For a glimpse of the kind of thing I saw, take a look at the White Water Grand Prix race run on that river a few days after I was on it.
I might not have been on the same sections shown. And I was not racing other boats; I just wanted to stay upright because I had ear infections and didn't want cold water in my ear canals. I also had a chest cold and lungs full of fluid so I was out of breath much of the time. And there was a fever and those night sweats. But it was all good, once I was on the water; I didn't notice those things. And I didn't flip, which taught me that I can stay upright if I really really want to. (Normally I don't care because I can always just roll up.)

But it was the same river and it was Very Big. A LOT of water. The current was so strong and fast we went 4.3 miles in 1.2 hours. And we were not hurrying. We spent a lot of time at the put in, warming up, practicing skills, taking photos between the rapids, checking the gauge, etc. That might tell you how much water was going through there. It was a pretty high level, "70," even for the Futa.

Here we are, between the rapids, all tossing our paddles in the air, for fun:

(There was no taking pictures while running the rapids, which you'll understand if you watch the Grand Prix videos.)

So now here I am, back at home, the cold mostly finished (just hacking the last stuff out of my lungs) and 10 lbs above where I like to be, partly due to the difficulty of eating right while ill in a foreign country - you get so drained you just eat what is put in front of you rather than asking for more veggies and protein and less carbs and sugar. And judgement is kind of impaired in those situations anyway.

And I haven't weight trained since I left, which is now a month ago. And my jeans are tight. And here are the holidays, with temptations all around me and all my normal exercise options disrupted.

This blog is for me. A kind of vision collage, if you will, of the things I am looking forward to.

I have some short term goals, like being in my +/- 3% range for the weigh in on Monday for the Mardi Gras Maintainer Challenge docs.google.com/spreadsh

But I also have some other long term goals in mind. If I can stay in good condition (which requires eating right, doing strength training, conditioning, and working on flexibility) I may be able to step up my game this year.

Here are some of the rivers I have in my sights as possibilities, depending on how well I can train and improve:

1. The Rouge in Quebec (IV-IV+):


2. Great Falls in the DC area: (V+)


3. The Upper Yough in Pennsylvania: (IV-V)


4. The Upper Gauley in West Virginia: (IV-V)


5, This is in addition to more runs on the Bottom Moose (IV-V)


If I want to do this, I have my work cut out for me, because it is very ambitious.

That means, food ON POINT, including paying attention to macronutrients as well as overall calories, continued strength training (I'm at Stage Three for New Rules of Lifting for Women), continued conditioning (XC skiing, spin class and tae kardio), and continued flexibility (yoga).

And so, here I am, on the darkest day of the year, heading into my off season, and trying to keep the motivation alive for the spring.

My first step is to do an entire week with the calories under 2000 and to resume the strength training. I've got 3 days to go for the calories and plan to restart strength training tonight.

Don't wish me luck. Prod me, poke, me, bug me, annoy me, and otherwise get under my skin and help me remember why I'm doing this.

So I can boat better.

Thank you.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh wow, what an awesome blog! I want to do those things! I've only done white water once and I loved it. I live about 10 miles south of Great Falls and have a flat water kayak I throw in the water in the creek behind my house when it gets warm which is fun but nothing like the excitement of paddling white water in Argentina. That looks so exciting - did you do it with a group or go on a tour with strangers? EIther way it looks pretty awesome.

    I will say good luck with your training but will also be watching for your progress!

    2380 days ago
  • MAREE1953
    Wow, I'd say you lead a pretty exciting life! I love the water, too, especially the Mississippi River, but in a much more relaxed way (houseboating). We say the water makes us "level". Go get 'em!
    2475 days ago
  • NUMD97
    Your achievements, Angela, are positively breathtaking and awe-inspiring. You will accomplish what you set out for yourself to accomplish, because you obviously have a handle on how to set your cap and then tackle the task. What so many would give to be able to do just that!

    We'll watch you, I'm sure (you have legions of fans), and I doubt seriously that you will need much poking and prodding.

    All the best for your new year goals,

    2476 days ago
    What a great year you had... I too have similar goals to lose 15 more lbs, strength train more, get more muscle definition and of course eat healthy..
    2476 days ago
  • NJ5050
    Congratulations on a great year!
    2481 days ago
  • CARRIE1948
    You CAN do this Focus ion your rewards - more rivers.
    2482 days ago
    You are now an accomplished athlete. Carry out your plan so you ready to paddle with the best! Just do it! Press on...no deviations allowed!
    2487 days ago
    What a great adventure. Sorry you got sick though.
    Very ambitious and adventurous goalsgoing forward.
    2487 days ago
    Your trip looked wonderful! Go for those ten pounds. You can do it! It definitely is harder to eat in a foreign country. Now you are back in the US with a great set of goals for the year!

    I am working on an up pound also..We can do this.
    2488 days ago
    Amazing. What a great year.
    2488 days ago
    Impressive!! :D
    2488 days ago
    You don't NEED luck. You need determination, discipline, and diligence.

    And: you've got all of 'em.

    But like all of us, you need to dig deep and keep on finding 'em and using 'em.

    So: now I'm counting on you to poke and prod and push me right back!!

    What an awesome array of possibilities you've set out for yourself!! And what a great year you've had!!
    2488 days ago
    You have a strong why for your goals. The past is done. Just start from where you are and keep moving forward, 1 good choice at a time. I've never gone kakyaking before, how exciting!

    Have a happy and healthy holiday season.

    2488 days ago
  • DALID414
    Wow! Ambitious indeed! But emoticon
    Do it for the ones who are paralyzed in fear of the water ***raising my hand***
    2488 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    I have never done that before. Looks so exciting!
    2488 days ago
    I am impressed with where you have come from in your weight loss. I love it that you did it in your 40's. It gives people like myself hope. emoticon
    2488 days ago
    I think most of us could use a good poke this time of year. I'd be happy to oblige, especially if you can poke, prod and harass me back! Those rapids look killer! I'm sure you'll be up for them in no time!
    2488 days ago
    I have been lax with my ST as well. I'll nag you, and you can nag me. lol
    2488 days ago
  • no profile photo GOTTAPLAN4U
    I watched the boater cross video. That's an intense sport to which you have dedicated yourself. I can't think of a surer way to maintain a fitness plan than to take on those kayaking challenges that you lay out for yourself.
    2488 days ago
    You can do it, and in case you can't, here's a healthy boot in the a$$!

    2488 days ago
    2488 days ago
    Just what I needed to read today.

    Please poke, prod, harass, cajole me, too. I really only have 10m pounds to go, and have really been messing around with them!!

    Happy Holidays!
    2488 days ago
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