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Friday, December 21, 2012

Today I went shopping to get some things for Christmas lunch.

Originally I was going to have two days' SparkHoliday, to eat in a gluttonous manner but unfortunately I ate more than I ought in Cornwall. On the plus side I did two days of hiking, but anyway I make the rules so I'm forfeiting one of my days of eating what I want. In my house the 24-hour Chrimbo celebration starts at 4pm on Christmas Eve and ends at 4pm on Christmas day. That means Posh Afternoon Tea with as many trimmings as you could want on Christmas Eve, eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce and Buck's Fizz for breakfast on Christmas Day, and then lunch at about 2pm . . .

Look, I did say I make the rules.

Ah lunch. Parma ham with fresh figs, pheasant in red wine, multiple cheeses and Christmas pudding since you ask. Coffee, liqueurs and what's left of the chocolates afterwards.

So today I bought about half the food. I bought the things that won't leap out the fridge and straight down my throat before their allotted time.

On Christmas eve I'll buy the things that are likely to detonate if I buy them earlier.

I regret to say that I ate four dates this evening, BUT I did count the calories.

Thing is, I detect a certain amount of SparkInfluence even when planning a Right Blow-Out like this.

- I'm genuinely not buying anything if I don't trust myself not to nibble at it beforehand. I appreciate I've slipped up where the dates are concerned, but tbh I buy them so rarely I didn't realise they should be on the prohibited (till Christmas eve) list
- half of the food on the list is actually 'proper' food, that is, it has a nutritional value - even the chocolates I get will be dark chocolate
- and the biggy: I'm buying just enough to have a nice time but not so much there's going to be any left over to eat up.

Wonder if I should cut down on the cheese a bit . . .
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