Diet pills. UGH

Friday, December 21, 2012

I just saw a tv ad that I saw 2 years ago about a diet pill. I actually went and bought a bottle because I thought I could lose weight with it. In fact I did lose 20 pounds with it. However, I hardly ate anything all day and I felt tired and sick for about 3 weeks. The thing with diet pills is that its a sponge. You take 2 pills in the morning with 8oz water and again around supper time. The pill expands in your stomach with the water inflated inside your stomach to make you feel full. Hence you dont eat because you feel full and if your hungry you eat want you want because you have to have some calories to eat for the day and WHOLA! you lose weight. In the mean time your body is tired and aching because you dont have any nutrients because if you read the label you cant take vitamins with the diet pill. It can make your really sick. Your head is foggy and your hear rate speeds up because the pill has "medicine" in it to speed up your metaoblism. All in all it works and you can do it if you want. But should you? HELL NO! I look back to 2 years ago when I tried it and for me its not that it didnt work because I gained the weight back but its the thought that how could I have put myself through all that when I could of just simply ate some fruit and veggies and drank water. I now am exercising daily and eating healthy daily and I have gotten into a routine which does get messed up time from time but I figure it out in the end. I feel happy daily and im more flexible and balanced and my brain works great with my school studies. Eating healthy and exercising has opened a new me up and created me to be able to do things that I neveer thought I could. Before studying for school was like all the info i was reading wasnt going past my eyes. I couldnt get it into my brain or remember it. Now I can read it once and remember it for days! I can study 2 days before a test and still get an A on it. I have become the honor student that I always wished I could become in highschool. I can control my mood swings better because I don't have as many as I used to because working out gives me that relaxing feeling after wards and it helps to relieve stress for the time being. Diet pills didnt make me feel like that and after i lost the weight i didnt feel like that. Diet pills are so not worth it! you lose the weight but as a person you didnt gain any knowledge how to be healthy not only with food but mentally and physically as well. I just saw that same ad on tv about 20 mins ago and I had to share my story with it. When I watched it I rolled my eyes and thought about everything i said above. Just remember that those people on the ads maybe actors and some may not be but really it just comes down to they were giving those pills for free and paid to take them and paid to do the ad. Diet pills are not worth it. I know!
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    I remember when I was a young woman in the late 70s-early 80s taking Dexatrim which was a diet pill sold over the counter. You would go all day without eating as it totally killed your appetite.

    Thankfully now not sold.
    1990 days ago
  • CC3833
    Good for you! I know what you mean. I even thought about taking some and I did for a couple of weeks. And I did experience what you are talking about. I felt like crap! So not worth it. And like you said you will gain the weight back because you don't have any idea how to maintain that weight loss.

    I'm glad you put this out there because sometimes people on here are tempted to do it. It's important to let everyone know how crappy they make you feel.

    Keep going. Stay strong.
    2007 days ago
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