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Keep Pushing! Random mini- challenge for myself

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

There is quite a bit of chores left on my holiday checklist:
-Help my Mom clean & clean & clean some more!
-Go Food Shopping
-Finish my hot chocolate gift project
-Finish wrapping the gifts that just got delivered
-Help my Mom prep & cook for the 22 people eating over on Christmas Day!

Besides chores, I was invited to a game night & then a movie night! I need to make sure I stay true to myself. Over the years, I always put other people first. I think it is important to help others, but I also need to make sure I help myself reach my December goals. The new year is coming, and I don't want Christmas cookies to be the reason I didn't reach my weight goal for the month. I don't think there is anything wrong with eating extra yummy food- I just don't want it for myself!

Normally, I am pretty good with watching what I eat. I baked three types of cookies last night, and I didn't have any! I was within my calorie range yesterday, but I snuck in some chocolate while I was making the dipping spoons. (I posted pictures below) Dark mint chocolate... I couldn't resist! Looking back, I wish I had a healthier snack instead of the chocolate. I don't feel guilty, but I don't want to keep sliding over the holiday just because the food is there. Co-workers brought in two platefuls of cookies & a crumb cake.. and I am not giving in!

Randomly- I decided to make a mini-challenge for myself. I would like stay at 161 by 12/26. I wanted to reach 161 or less by 12/31.. but I really don't want to slack off over the holiday. I will be ok with the meal food - I won't over eat! But there will be cheese and crackers and pretzels.. I will have some - but not too much! I will be travelling to a few different houses the whole weekend, so I need to make sure I eat full meals instead of just snacking on the run.

My Mini-Challenge
-Don't eat too many snacks
-Eat Full Meals
-Stay at 161 by 12/26
-Try to get as much exercise as I can
-Reach 1,000 fitness minutes by 12/26.
-Don't get too stressed
-Enjoy my time off from work

As a Christmas present for myself, I bought an online deal for 10 yoga classes! I was debating if I should do it or not - but if I already paid for it I am more likely to force myself to go to the classes!

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful holiday if you celebrate it! Keep pushing towards your goals even if you are tempted by all of the goodies like I am! If you do decide to eat extra of the yummy food, don't get discouraged! Track it if you can, and keep moving forward!

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