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A Morning Update

Friday, December 21, 2012

I am not giving up on this month. I don't want to just eat my way through the month just because it is the holiday season. One can always have an excuse to keep up the overeating.

I now I have talked about the anxiety issues that I have had. I am going to emoticon playing the victim and stop making excuses. I am going to pull up my big girl panties and get the job done. If I allow myself to play the victim, I will never be able to be successful in this journey or in anything else. I can do this!!! I know things happen and trigger the anxiety attacks but that is no reason to make it a license to eat all the time and not track and not exercise! At those times, I need to do other things to get through and NOT turn to food. I need to continue to do those things that move me forward. I need to continue my healthy routines.

It is easy to tell yourself that you are only going to have a piece of something and then find yourself eating more and more (like every time you go to the kitchen). I have eaten everything that isn't tied down and what was tied down, I have found the necessary tools to get it loose so I could eat it! lol

I spent some time this morning looking at pictures that I have taken of myself when I was trying to fit into clothes. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. The smile I had seen before isn't there today. I want it back. I know the way that I am going to get that smile back is to get on the ball and stop making excuses.

NO EXCUSES!!!! I am going to try again! Oh I finally hung up my motivational cards that I made a while back. Yeah I know, I should have done that a long time ago but they are up now. So the plan is to read them every time I go to my room.

Well, I am having trouble holding my eyes open and since I don't have my glasses on, I am not even sure if I am typing things right! LOL I am off to get some more sleep. emoticon

Much love

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Baby steps...very important. Do you crochet or knit? Something to keep your hands busy? I chew Extra sugarfree gum. Peppermint is my fave and helps me when I want to snack. But they have new dessert flavors strawberry shortcake, root beer float, apple pie, mint chocolate chip ice cream, etc. They help me without adding pounds.

    While your watching tv sit there with a set of weights in your hands and use them to do some upper arm workouts during commercials. A spoonful of honey will help you to sleep like a baby...naturally. Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey to it and spread it on a piece of toast before bed for added health benefits. You won't be sore in the morning and you will feel great because you had a peaceful nights sleep.

    emoticon emoticon

    You can do this Susan! You're doing great so far!
    2458 days ago
    Hi Susie,
    I'm glad to see your blog! Even though you know everything you need to do, maybe you should just focus on ONE thing at a time. If you can get that ONE thing to the point where it's a good habit for you, then you can tackle something else.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2459 days ago
    Great to hear from you - I think this is just a rough time of year. I have been struggling too - just concentrating on hanging in there and trying not to be focused on perfection. I know that this time of greyness will soon pass, and I will get my motivation moving again. I tend to go through cycles of being motivated and just coasting along - expect that most folks do the same. I am glad that you are hanging in here too, and I think that your plan to blog is a good one.
    Take care, and lots of hugs to you.

    2460 days ago
    My mom has no job and she stays up til 3 or 4 in the morning just because that is how she is. She has tried to turn it around but it's very hard. Like you said though, it's not an issue, the only time it's ever an issue is when something has to be done early, but I think you are like my mom, and you just kind of power through he he. :)

    It must be hard in a house with people with such different routines. With your son being up early for work and your husband on graveyard etc. I give you so much credit for trying to change it and seeing what happens, but it sounds like you weighed the pros and cons, and that there really was no real pro for changing your routine. It sounds like it had no benefits for your exercise and it was only a negative for your eating, so if the point was to help with your healthy lifestyle, it doesn't seem like it's worth it! Of course I am your fellow night owl, so I may be a tad biased. emoticon

    Oh my gosh, Marlie is such a big girl, putting herself to bed even when momma wasn't home, that is so awesome, that is huge news! emoticon

    We just gotta keep on moving, December will be gone soon enough and it'll be a distant memory. I know we will both be glad to put it behind us and have an awesome 2013! emoticon
    2460 days ago
    2460 days ago
    Just to make you feel like you can do it through this calorie-laden time of year, I've read a SP article about just maintaining our weight through this time. I'm trying so hard to do that. emoticon emoticon emoticon Oh, and what even if we lost a pound?!!! Now wouldn't that something? I don't know exactly what I'll be cooking for Christmas either. Ham and potatoes so far anyway. Take care Sweetie, and we can do this!

    emoticon Happy Holidays! emoticon
    Karen emoticon
    2460 days ago
  • TROOPER1961
    emoticon great blog, identifying issues is 1/2 the battle!! Plus by reading your comments,,, i am going to try those 2 supplements lol emoticon
    2460 days ago
    {{{Hugs}}} to you. You can do this!
    2460 days ago
  • JUDY106
    Have you heard of the supplement GABA. I take it and it really does seems to help with my emotional eat and my emotions. It also seems to help with the compulsiveness of eating all the time. I also take supplement named Kava Kava it helps with the stress part of my life. Google these and read up on them. They might help you get back on track. When I stop taking them I find myself slipping back into the out of control eating. Well, just thought I would put that out to you. I want you to have a great Christmas. Please don't let this get you down for Christmas. You will do this and It will be in your own time. The important thing is don't give up. Keep trying, but be gentle on yourself. Oh, you can get a great price for the GABA at Swansonvitamins,com or use the phone number 1-800-437-4148. This is a good company. You can get Kava Kava at a good price at Hugs, Judy
    2460 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    emoticon emoticon Tis the season for the munchie attacks. Push onward. This too shall pass.
    2460 days ago
    Maybe you have the right idea to let the sleep take care of itself. Maybe trying to change that one more thing is messing up the things you had already changed. Just saying. I'm not doing anything good, but I'm not stressing about it. I'll get right when I get past all the luncheons, dinners, and candy gifts. I like all these oranges.
    Love, Mom
    2460 days ago
    I second the motion as to what energizerbunny said, Focus on one thing at a time, like staying in your calorie range, so as not to get overwhelmed.... also, really like the idea of writing down ideas of things to do instead of eating to go to when you are tempted. emoticon emoticon
    2460 days ago
  • STHAX10
    Stay strong! Love yourself enough to do this for you!!!! emoticon
    2460 days ago
    You can do it. A new year approaches, and a healthier you will emerge.
    Do the best you can every day. I know your strong and will over come the

    2460 days ago
    I know how you feel with the anxiety! I deal with that, too! One thing I find helps me is to work on ONE goal at a time, not the whole thing at once. I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed by trying to do the food and the exercise and the water and the.... well, you get the idea. BUT I CAN focus on ONE area - right now it's the water.. Also, try making a list of OTHER things you can do besides EAT!!! Read a book, clean, exercise, hobbies, call someone, take a walk - you get the idea. What things do you LIKE to do that you can begin substituting for the eating????

    We're here for you!

    2460 days ago
    2460 days ago
    You can do it. Hang in there. Blogging does help.
    2460 days ago
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