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Friday, December 21, 2012

Today is day 6 of my on track streak!

I originally started streaking on March 1st, and I managed to go for 290 days before breaking that streak. When that streak ended, I was disappointed, but not as much as I thought I would be. Mostly, I was just proud of myself for lasting so long...and I was especially proud of myself for starting over instead of giving up once it ended.

When I started my streak in March, I got a starting weigh in and then I stopped weighing myself. I stayed off the scale until the Rootin' for Ruby Labor Day Pound-a-thon challenge in August. This morning, I got a Sparkmail asking me how I managed to stay off the scale for so long, so I thought I would blog about that today.

Staying off the scale should have been difficult for me, because I have always been scale obsessed. Even when I wasn't actively trying to lose weight, I would weigh myself a LOT. At least once a day, and sometimes multiple times a day. If I was trying to lose weight, I would get on that scale and if I didn't like the number, it would ruin my day. I would console myself...with food! If I liked the number, I would be happy and I'd reward myself...with food! If I wasn't trying to lose weight, I'd still get on the scale and then beat myself up for how high the number would be. Then I'd go console myself...with food!

So when I started streaking in March, I decided to just forgo the scale as much as possible. Once I got my starting weight, I was done with weighing in all the time. Instead, I just decided to focus on my health. I challenged myself to make each day as healthy as I possibly could. This involved all the obvious things, such as drinking water, tracking my food, and working out. I also eliminated processed foods as much as possible.

At the beginning of my streak, I worked out for 15 minutes a day. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it was all I could do. I was working out with a video game for the Wii, called My Fitness Coach. I pushed myself hard during those workouts, and although I had to modify the moves a lot, at the end of those 15 minutes I would be drenched in sweat and completely worn out. I was actually shocked by how out of shape I really was. I had always told myself "For a fat girl, I'm in pretty good shape." Wow, what a lie! I had been living such a sedentary life, even just walking across the room would leave my breathless, but somehow I had convinced myself that I was "in pretty good shape." Now I was facing the reality....I was in terrible shape! I weighed 286 lbs and a 15 minute workout was exhausting to me! But I knew that if I kept working out every day, those 15 minutes would increase.

So every morning, I would get up and do my 15 minute workout. After a couple of weeks, I added a second 15 minute workout in the evening. I began to notice that my clothes were getting a little looser, and that the workouts weren't quite as exhausting to me. I increased my workout time to 30 minutes, twice a day. I was still working out with My Fitness Coach, but after about 6 weeks of that, I was getting a little bored. I knew I had to find another workout to do. I eventually discovered DDP Yoga, and I mentioned it to hubby. He surprised me by ordering it for me!

When I got the workouts, I was so excited, and so eager to try something new! But boy, when I first tried that workout, it was harder than I thought it would be. I had to modify the moves a LOT! And even with that, the workout was still so difficult for me. But I knew I had to keep pushing. I knew that if I kept at it, I would get better. So I stuck with it, and I did get better and better. As the weight came off, not only did I go down in clothing sizes, but I went UP in energy, strength and stamina. As the inches melted away, I was able to get deeper into the yoga poses, and my flexibility increased.My workouts increased from 15 minutes a day to 30 minutes a day to where I am now, at 90 minutes a day (broken up into three workouts.) What awesome non-scale victories!

When the Pound-a-thon challenge started on August 13, I was finally ready to weigh myself. To be honest, it was hard for me to step on that scale! But I did it, and I was so happy to see that I'd lost 65 lbs. And at the end of the challenge, on Labor Day, I weighed again and found that I'd lost 6 more lbs, for a total of 71 lbs lost since March first!

I haven't been on the scale since then, though. I find that it is easier for me to stay on track if I don't have to worry about weighing myself. For me, what works is focusing on being healthy, not on weight. I do feel that I am at a plateau, because my clothing size has not changed in a while. But I'm fine with that, because I STILL have NSV's all the time! I can do so many things now that I couldn't do when I started my streak. I have so much energy, and I feel so much younger! I feel HEALTHY. And I know that this plateau won't last forever. I know that I will eventually reach my goal, to be a size 8. Right now I'm a size 14, so I'm close!

Maybe staying off the scale isn't for everyone, but its what works for me.

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