RE: The Count Down Has, Begun It's 2 Days, Until I Break Up, For My Xmas &, New Year Holiday Period

Friday, December 21, 2012

RE: The count down has, begun it's 2 days, until i break up, for my Xmas &, New Year Holiday Periods, i cannot believe how, quick this week has, gone it's unbelieveable it, really really is !!!!.

I went over to, see my Mum this, Morning i took her, over some Shopping which, was on her Shopping, List that she texted, me on my Mobile, Phone Last Night +, i also took her, some stuff.

Which was not on, her Shopping List 2, eg Tin of Quality, Street (Full of Assorted, Chocolates which we both, love !!!! !!!!), 3 x Packets of, Savers Ginger Nut Biscuits, (which we both.

Love !!!! !!!!), + 2 x Packets, of Bold 2 in, 1 Biological (Washing Powder), for all your Clothes, etc etc etc, she was shocked that, i had managed to, bring all that Shopping, over without my.

Shopping Trolley (which i always, use for mine &, Mum's Shopping permanently), TBC TBC TBC TBC
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