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Important lessons; Day 19

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Interesting day yesterday. I think TOM is coming so my body is holding on to water weight, plus crankiness and sugar cravings. Another department brought our department cookies, and there was one of those damnable Lofthouse ones on the tray. Grrrr! I shouldn't have mentioned that I love them, because then my coworkers were like "oh, just eat it!" I let myself be talked into it, rationalized that there was only 1, so it wasn't like I could go back for extras and totally tank my calories for the day.

Still, that's 180 calories I could have spent on something healthier and more filling. I'm learning that if I'm going to have a treat, I'd rather have it at night at home, so it annoys me to "use up" those calories during the day at work.

Anyway. Stress and crankiness and primed by a cookie led to a few Hershey kisses also. Everything got tracked, but it was unnecessary. I normally can handle this stuff but I guess I'm more susceptible to cravings right now. So I'm using it as a learning experience.

You will see in Kick August that I was over my calories yesterday, but I am happy about that and I will tell you why.

I had enough to have my healthy dinner + a piece of toast with. Then some friends came over and I was feeding them also and I had an extra piece of bread. From one of those rather flat loaves that when you slice it is only like 2" by 3" for a 1" thick slice. Small. But still. Bread.

And you guys? I ALMOST. DIDN'T. Track it. Because I KNEW that I was only 40 calories or so from my limit for the day.

Which... not tracking it doesn't make me NOT go over!!!!! And I NEED TO LEARN TO NOT NOT NOT do that.

So. I tracked it. I went over my calories yesterday by 48 calories. Which is not that much. But I tracked it and I counted it as an "out" day for my challenge, and I am proud of myself because this is important. If I do not learn how "just a little" of this or that adds up calories faster than I think, now, while I'm losing weight, my maintenance journey is going to be not so much "difficult" as "nonexistent."

Otherwise I was within ranges. I missed stretch fiber by 1 gram! haha. 39 instead of 40. Also just missed stretch sodium, but everything else was in range including sodium so I'm pretty happy.

On the scale this morning I've lost over half of my pound regain I was seeing early in the week. I'm back down to 260.4. Once the TOM water weight is gone next week I'm sure I'll be back to 260 with no problem, maybe even below. So this is all good news. Moving along.

~*~***~KICK AUGUST~***~*~
August accomplishments - December progress so far (December 1-19)


Tracked all calories eaten all 31 days – 19/19 days so far
Within calorie range 24/31 days – 15/19 so far
Went over 2000 calories on 6 days – 0 so far
Fat grams in range 25/31 days – 17/19 so far
Carbs in range 29/31 days – 19/19 so far
Protein under range 4/31 days – 0 so far
Protein over 90g 12/31 days – 9/19 so far
Cholesterol in range 25/31 days – 16/19 so far
Fiber in range 19/31 days – 14/19 so far
Fiber over 40g 4/31 days – 7/19 so far
Sodium in range 12 days – 12/19 so far
Sodium under 3,000mg 24/31 days – 18/19 so far
Remembered to take vitamins 23/31 days – 19/19 so far

Intake (other):

Total cups of water 152 – 150 so far
Average of 4.9/day – average of 7.9/day so far
Total fruits & veggies 137 – 120 so far
Average of 4.4/day – average of 6.3/day so far


(Same as Day 18)
Worked out 3x a week 4/5 weeks – 3x for weeks 1-2, 1x week 3
Measured another way, worked out 13 days – 8 so far
569 fitness minutes – 336 minutes so far
Strength training days 0 – 3 so far
Calories burned 4720 – 5196 so far
Average of ~1005 calories burned per week - 1718 avg wk1-2
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome tracking even when you knew you'd be over.
    3069 days ago
    Good for you! I'm having the opposite problem. I don't feel like eating, so I'm way under on all my tracking goals. Except fitness. I've been getting those minutes in! Yesterday I almost hit my calories, was only 200ish short, but that was because Hubs bought me a large mocha frappe, at 680 calories emoticon . Eating healthy food makes it HARD to hit a minimum of 1600!
    3070 days ago
  • LEB0401
    I too prescribe to the "treats at work" mentality. It makes me sad to go home at night and be relaxing among my favorite people, and not be able to enjoy a glass of wine or ice cream cone because I spent all my calories giving in to the offer of cheesecake that coworker so-and-so's wife made. The people at work think I eat only health food because I refuse to waste the majority of my calories while staring at my computer beneath flourescent lights. I'd much, much rather eat a hearty meal in the evening with people I love, while laughing and talking and NOT discussing TPS reports.

    3070 days ago
  • no profile photo CD618632
    It's like I always say-it could ALWAYS be so much worse. Good for you for being honest in keeping up with the tracking. It's so easy to just pretend like it never happened, but it's not healthy to do that. You knows it, so you just went on ahead and tracked. BOOYA! In your face, cookies, extra bread, and Hershey's kisses!

    Really. Who the heck says "booya" anymore? I'm bringing it back.
    3070 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12695900
    great tracking!
    3070 days ago
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