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What do I wanna eat? What will taste best?

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

*leaning in the fridge and surveying the possibilities*
*opening the cupboard and poking around*
*looking at the menu*
*checking out the banquet table*


"What do I wanna eat?" is never a good question for me.

I wanna eat cheese. With buttered bread. Crusty hot white baguette, preferably. Potato chips (none in my cupboard, of course). Dip. Cookies. Or granola bars if that's all there is, And that's all there is. There. At my house.

Hmm. There is frozen pizza. I could do that. Yeah.

Handfuls of nuts? Yeah!! Spoonfuls of peanut butter? Why not. While the pizza heats up. Sure.

If I'm at a restaurant (where I was planning on a salad till I pick up the menu: that changes everything of course) what happens when I ask myself . . . What do I wanna eat? French fries? Always. Fat juicy cheeseburger? Of course. Large Coke!!

OK then, special occasion banquet table. What do I wanna eat? Deep fried everything, natch. And let's check out the desserts. Chocolate cheesecake looks great. And the hot fudge chocolate brownie sundae. And the chocolate mousse . . . gotta theme going on here. They're all sitting there. Why not one of each? To "share", of course. Or . . . maybe not. Just this once.

Gotta face facts. I wanna eat all of 'em.

In unlimited quantities, basically. Every day.

So "What do I wanna eat" isn't the question if the answer I'm looking for is . . . a healthy, fit and slim body.

What would be the right question? It's gotta be, " What do I need to eat?"

Food is fuel. Yes it is.

If I'm asking the right question, the Spark nutrition tracker is very helpful. That's because the nutrition tracker isn't just counting calories. It's counting carbs, fats and proteins. Mine is also set to track a whole whack of other nutrients: minerals and vitamins and fibre and . . . yeah.

So if it's suppertime and I've still got 400 calories to "spend" . . . what do I need? More protein? Probably. And calcium too? A little vitamin C still missing? Yup. So what to choose? If I ask myself, "What do I need to eat?", then the answer would be, maybe, some fat free Greek yogourt? Some fresh raspberries?

How self-depriving is that? Taking all the fun out of life. *big pout*

OK. News flash. Asking myself what I need instead of what I want is NOT self-depriving at all.

Remarkably enough, what tastes best is what my body needs. Maybe I don't believe it, not in the moment, when the cheesecake is screaming at me. But 20 minutes from now, if I eat the cheesecake I won't feel so good. Might still not be feeling so good tomorrow, even.

But if I eat the yogourt and raspberries: I will feel good. And does anything actually taste better than fresh raspberries?

Gotta remind myself: I'll feel good if I eat what I need. Not what I "want". What I REALLY wanna eat is what I need to eat. Really.

Gotta keep right on reminding myself of this. Every day.

The real treat is treating myself well.

Giving myself what I need. When I do that, consistently, and when I have a healthy, fit and slim body, there are so many other ways to have fun. Real fun.

Eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted made me 230 pounds. And that was actually . . . no fun at all.

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