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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So yeah, I spun a little fire. It was only one fire poi and I kept it slow and careful. But hey, it still counts! This weekend, I shot some video for a professional fire poi spinner. He was amazing. When we finished the shoot, he let me spin one of the poi, until it burnt out. Audrey grabbed the camera and shot a few seconds of video, so we could share it with you. Um, yes. I want to do this again, with smaller, beginner poi--two of them. This one was pretty gigantic, kind of like swinging a flaming pineapple around. Fire poi, partially checked off my Life List. Now, to check off fire hooping...It will happen. (much to my husband's chagrin)

Amazing fire poi spinner dude

Speaking of checking things off the list--I spun poi in church a couple of weeks ago. I know that sounds weird, but we did this song called, "White Flag" and I spun my white, tailed poi. It was a pretty cool fit. Here's a pic:

You can kinda see the poi, if you look carefully.

And then, I played the congas and my UKE! (not at the same time)


The reason I mention this, is because it was the first time I did either of those things in public. (I'm not counting videos.) Here's the weird thing--I spent eight years on staff at this church. These people are family. But often, I was content to stay behind the scenes, filming or directing. There were a lot of times that I felt really self-conscious about getting up in front of anybody, because of my size. I was embarrassed. Um, hello--these people see you already, Shelli; it's not like they don't know... Silly, yes? Some of you know what I'm talking about.

Spark has helped me feel comfortable about putting myself out there, right where I am. I don't have to wait until I reach a certain goal, or look a certain way. I can share my journey. I can share any gifts or talents I might have. I can do that right now. It feels good. It feels authentic. I hope you're in a place where you can do that too. It's a pretty amazing thing.

Speaking of amazing, allow me to brag on my offspring for just a moment. Here is my 18 year old son, heading off for his first day of work at the grocery store. I'm so proud, I could explode. He has Asperger's (high-functioning autism). People told us, way back when he was in the first grade, that he might not be able to be independent, that he may always need someone to take care of him. Excuse me, but he drove himself to work that day. He still has a lot to learn, but that is a HUGE woohoo moment for my Manboy!!

Let's all agree to ignore the McDonald's bag he's holding, okay?

And Audrey was great in her nearly all-female cast of Robin Hood. She was Little John. This is what happens when you're the tallest in the class. There were two boys in the class, and neither of them wanted a big part. (They were a Guard and a Merry Man.) So, yes, Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Friar Tuck, Sheriff of Nottingham--all girls. Too funny. Like reverse Shakespeare. Audrey's getting ready to start rehearsals for a nearly all-female case of Aladdin Jr. next. Yeah, she's Razoul, Captain of the Guard. Again, this is what happens when you're the tallest... But she's thrilled and that's what matters.

Girl Power Little John!

Okay, I'm through rambling for now. Spark ON!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1306 days ago
    Wow! So much to comment on.
    Fire Poi ... too cool.
    "Hello... these people see you.." ...too funny and too true.
    WooHoo for Manboy. My cousin's son (whatever that makes him ..2nd cousin???) is 30+ living with Asperger's in a city 700 miles from family support and thriving. Small steps works for all kinds of things.
    WooHoo for Audrey and her artistic self!
    2446 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/5/2013 12:51:13 PM
    2447 days ago
    2447 days ago
    go girls go
    2447 days ago
    Spinning fire.....that must have been a blast! Way to go!! Love the update on the kids too. Audrey looks so grown up in that picture and your son is doing awesome! Good stuff!
    2448 days ago
    The fire spin is amazing but I'm terrified to think about fire hooping! Don't you just love proving the authorities wrong? Congrats to your son. And to Audrey! At this age, there are usually more girls interested in being onstage than boys - it was always a problem for my son. He was often one of only two in the cast... It gets better. It's not a problem for him in High School. There are lots of boys involved there so the casts are better balanced. Good thing - since this is what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

    emoticon emoticon for all three of you!
    2448 days ago
    Congratulations on the kids! As you know, my son is on the spectrum, too. It's hard for ANYONE to get a job these days. It's way cool that he has one. Well done!

    Audrey looks great as little John. Loads of roles are traditionally done by the opposite sex -- Peter Pan and Hansel come to mind. I bet she had a great time.
    2449 days ago
    I've watched fire spinning. I think it's amazing. emoticon
    2449 days ago
    Oh.... dangerous and yet so enticing! Way to go on spinning with fire. That is awesome!

    Congrats to your manboy on his job and becoming an independent young man. I have a few family members with Asperger's so I know how difficult it can be. Be very proud!

    And Audrey... you go girl!
    2456 days ago
    You get more and more amazing!

    Thanks for taking us for a ride along your journey. Where to next year?

    SG xx
    2458 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    emoticon emoticon Thanks for sharing another new idea, not sure I am going to try it, but it looks fun for others!!
    Awesome about both your son and daughter and their spirit of nothing is impossible!
    Kids learn from their parent and can stand up and have a fighting spirit if that is what they see! Good for you for showing them they can do anything they set their minds on!
    Happy holidays and wishes for all the best in 2013! Spark on! Holly emoticon
    2459 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    emoticon Rocking blog from one hot momma!! Super job with all the poi(s).
    The kids look great, what a good mom :)
    2460 days ago
    TOTALLY AWESOME!! Really breathtaking! I think it's wonderful about your son and his job, and your daughter is a trooper! She makes an excellent Little John!!
    2460 days ago
    I cant imagine you wanting to hide behind the are outgoing enough for an entire village LOL

    Awesome to your kids on what they are doing!

    That was a really big fire poi!
    2461 days ago
    This thing has eaten my reply two times already. Let's see if the third time is a charm.

    What a blessing, your son showed them. emoticon And Audrey, oh my goodness. She is blossoming before our eyes. She is beautiful, smart and funny just like her mama.

    Congrats on getting to play with the big boys. It looked like a lot of fun. It is awesome that you are coming out of your shell. It makes it a lot easier to share what God has put inside of you and helps others come out of their shells. This has been my year to shuck that old baggage also. And it is a wild ride. Hard to believe I sing in front of the church after years of grabbing that chair on the back row and running out the door. emoticon
    2461 days ago
    Whenever I need to posts about someone loving life and having a great time, I come to your page. You are such an inspiration!!
    2461 days ago
    This is too cool! AND I must add that I am relieved that there are no snakes involved. emoticon
    2461 days ago
    Wow! You are such an inspiration to others! Your kids have such an encouraging role model, and that is a priceless gift of love!

    2461 days ago
    You know I hae to brag a little that I fire hooped before you... because you are my leading star in many things and much better than me with most of them... BUT what I really really like is how you show your children that there is no limit to fun... that it is always ok to work from the spot you are and do something with it. And have fun. And put yourself out there an inspire others to do likewise. And have fun...

    Shelli you are one of my biggest inspirations! Thank you for showing all the things you do! And...I did not want to do the fire poi because I think it is far mor scary than fire hooping...
    2461 days ago
    .... and for Audrey!
    2461 days ago
    Wow! I hope you had a big bucket of water and a fire extinquish (and someone to help you with those) near by in case you need to "drop and roll"! I think that would be scary.

    Yay for Manboy!
    : )
    2461 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Wow, there's no end to your talents seriously. I admire your zeal for always trying new things - woohoo for you and woohoo for your son for his big moment of independence and of course woohoo for the budding actress Audrey!!!
    2462 days ago
    I was on your page no less than a thousand times today stalking you and just now I see you posted a vid - yesterday?! What gives?

    A fire poi on at that!!!

    I coulda saw awesome last night?!

    I can't remember what I was doing yesterday that was so important. See?! nothing!!! It was probably something stupid like laundry or dishes or pouting because hubby well, bought Home Depot and I didn't get to buy Walmart.

    Whatever. That's unimportant. (I'm waiting for my temper tantrum to subside...just typing until I'm distracted from my fit....)

    Fire. Oh my word. That's like a Christmas present for me. I have been dying to see you do that. You didn't have to wear a flame retardant suit from head to toe! I am so very proud of you!

    It looks so very 'hot'. emoticon (Well, it does.

    I love that ManChild is learning independance. He's gonna love it. My Bobby thrives on it.

    How is there enough hours in the day to contain your family and all that awesome?

    Any video of the play that Aundrey is in?

    2462 days ago
    Hot stuff! Awesome!
    2462 days ago
    emoticon let me ask you, is there anything you won't do?

    Loved the blog. Thanks for sharing you amaze me.

    Hugs Mary
    2462 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Your fire poi was super awesome! Love the sound of it, and love that setting with the giant fireplace! VERY cool.

    Randy can stand by with fire extinguishers if it makes him feel better, but this is just the start of many flaming acts to come... I just know it! Can't wait for the fire hooping!! I know you would be all about safety first!

    Great blog message too! Very important and true!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2462 days ago
  • MARTY19
    emoticon You are very brave. Merry Christmas!

    2462 days ago
  • MOM-MOM8
    emoticon keep up trying new things! emoticon emoticon
    2462 days ago
    2462 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    You're on fire! Literally. Not so sure about fire hooping--is there really such a thing?

    Glad things are going well for you and your family! It all that positive energy you get from just one little Spark!
    2462 days ago
    So happy for you that you are coming out front and center! Your daughter seems to be enjoying the stage, too! That is awesome! Also, happy for your son and his new job! Congrats! That is wonderful news for you and your amazing family!!

    happy holidays! Way to get festive!
    2462 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2462 days ago
    Yeah Audrey!! Girl Power!!!
    Yeah for your DS!!! Awesome!! Love your Manboy's Woohoo!! WTG!!
    I totally know what your talking about! LOL! WE are silly aren't we, thinking people we see every day or regularly don't really know we are/were FLUFFY TO THE EXTREME if we never did something centre stage.
    So happy you did the Poi , sang and played your UKE (and congas too). WTG Shelli!
    Now as for the fire Poi! WOW!!!
    I would be terrified I hit myself or set my hair on fire. LOL! You did awesome!
    Hugs my friend, you continue to amaze and inspire.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2462 days ago
    That is awesome on all accounts. You are an inspiration and so is your son! Thank you for sharing.
    2462 days ago
    Your kids are awesome! Way to go on the fire poi too!
    2462 days ago
    super cool - the fire poi! And awesome stuff about your son and your daughter! Love your positive vibe!

    And I think it's total awesomeness that you are stepping in front of the crowd now - yay you!!
    2462 days ago
  • GABY1948
    LOVE your blogs! THANKS
    2462 days ago
  • DEBBYFROMMT hooping next on your list? Yikes!
    2462 days ago
    GREAT kids!!! Says alot about you!
    2462 days ago
    I'm so happy for your children. It sounds like everything is going well for them!
    Nice fire twirling! Are you well insured...I'm just saying...
    2462 days ago
    2462 days ago
    Life is like a box of chocolates!
    2462 days ago
    Love the sound of the fire swooshing through the air. Were you a bit nervous of the flaming fire ball at the end of your tether?

    We do flag worship at church, I get lost in it. Haven't been able to in awhile because of a shoulder issue. I know about the eyes on me thing... until I get lost in Who I'm doing this for, then I get lost in the worship.

    It's a good thing we know when to listen to those who seem "to know" and when not to. I bet you were just bustin' with love for your son as he stepped out into his new journey.

    Aubrey is so courageous to step out like this. So glad she has acceptance to do these things.

    What a gift!!!
    2462 days ago
    It's great news about your son's job!

    And congratulations on your fire-poi attempt! (I bet it won't be your last!)

    2462 days ago
    SWEEEET! You all totally rock! I ma so proud of all of you right now.
    2462 days ago
    2462 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    Awesome blog! So brave with that fire poi, and I'm thrilled for both your manboy and Audrey! :-) Tara is also high functioning autistic, and she is having a whale of a time learning to be independent with a little help from her local college course. She is in fact looking up the qualifications she needs to get in order to teach! She wants her college maths tutor's job! LOL I couldn't be more excited for her. I hope the enthusiasm sticks with her.
    2462 days ago
    Your post made me smile. You're inspiring us to find things to do that are fun.
    Thank you for sharing. And big compliments to your son and daughter. I hope your son enjoys his job.
    2462 days ago
    Cool! You guys rock!
    2462 days ago
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