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SURGERY is SCHEDULED. It is a go in January. We drove through white out conditions but it is done.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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This morning we woke up to freezing slush and freezing rain. Neither of us wanted to drive in those conditions but we hoped the interstate highway was well cleared and it was. Just as we were heaving sighs of relief the rain turned back to heavy snow and white -out conditions. At that point there was no turning back we were more than halfway there so we just kept going. The speed was lowered to 45mph but very few people slowed down. We were happy to leave the interstate for DH first appointment where we would be told if the surgery was going ahead.
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After the interviews and looking at all the reports from Cardiologist and Hematologist we got the good news !
DH surgery is a go !
Now we must consider if there is no snow and we can get to Portland what happens if it snows the next day to get home. We almost did not make it today it was WHITE OUT conditions and really bad driving conditions. I suggested to DH we will go the day before and we will find a hotel close to the hospital . Since his surgery is 9am we have to be there be there at 7am we have to leave home at 5am if it snows. DH has to take a special shower so we would be up around 3.30 am.
I would rather go to the hotel overnight and be closed by. Next day we can take the hotel bus to the hospital and DH is supposed to go home the next day.
That is such a scary thought, me driving him home after surgery about 70 miles to home. I suggested we will be prepared to stay at the hotel for that night too if we need to. I will be the driver by then so I will have to be ready for bad weather or a big hotel bill.

We will be carefully watching the weather and I will look in to hotel accommodations close to the hospital. In the meantime we have to provide a walker and crutches or a cane and make plans for how we can handle this.
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Any Spark friends out there with hip replacement surgery suggestions will be greatly appreciated so I will have a few ideas for what else we will need to watch out for.

I just had an inspiration my next door neighbor works there at that hospital in Pediatric nursery . She commutes there nightly that is why I rarely see her she works nights sleeps days and does stuff with the family when she could. Now her kids are older and away so we do see a bit more of her. She often clears our front driveway and steps and we let her dog out and feed it when needed so I will talk to her too.
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Oh that was a great inspiration whilst writing my Blog. I used to say I always had my best ideas while soaking in the tub.
Now I am finding less time in the tub and more inspiring moments when writing my Blog to my Spark friends.

There we are. All up to date.

I feel the Spark of a better plan. Way to go.
I am sure you have noticed I have being doing less exercise. I do as much as I can right now and I am not counting every Spark Point.
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I am tracking my food well, I am posting on the message boards and reading and commenting on other peoples BLOGS too but most of all MY BLOG is my most important part of my Spark time right now, because that is how I get such wonderful and uplifting feed back and support from Spark Friends all over the Globe.

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    I have never had hip replacement surgery but my best friend's husband did two years ago. He had the newer type where they go in from the front vs. the rear and it supposedly has quicker healing time since the large muscle groups are not involved. He did great but as others have said it was not in and out in one day. His surgery was considered less invasive than the typical type and he stayed in the hospital for 2 or 3 nights and had some physical therapy while there. A home health therapist then came for about another week. He then went to physical therapy for a few weeks more. I think they let him drive himself after about 3 weeks (depends greatly on which hip is involved, his was the left so his right foot was not impacted).

    You will definitely need to prepare your home (at least temporarily) for someone who will be fairly disabled. Grab bars and a chair for the bath for sure. A shower (without a tub attached) is much easier as the step is small to enter. If all you have is a tub/shower combo then a chair and some grab bars will help a great deal. You can purchase toilet extender (to make it easier) that simply sits on top at a local big box hardware store. Adding cushions or a high sitting chair are also very helpful or else you or someone will have to lift Fred up each time and that can get to be tough. It takes about 2 weeks before the patient can do many things unassisted. A walker is safer and then move to a cane (the tripod type on the bottom is also safer than a single). In about a month or so he'll be getting back to normal.

    Please check with your surgeon or hospital for details on what to expect. They do this surgery a bunch and should have some phamplets to send to you either my e-mail or snail mail to help you prepare for this surgery.

    Good Luck. My friend's husband said it was one of the best decisions he ever made to have the surgery. He was only in his mid-50's at the time but he is a black belt in Karati and taught for many years and his hip paid the price for that.

    Cathy emoticon
    1947 days ago
    Oh and I have a cane too, if you want to borrow that!
    1948 days ago
    When is Fred's surgery? ... I have a pair of crutches that you can use. They were new seven years ago and I only used them for a month or so.
    1948 days ago
    emoticon Stay safe out there! emoticon And wishing DH all the best for his upcoming surgery! Glad it's a GO!
    1948 days ago
    Looks like you had some great suggestions here, my friend!
    1948 days ago
  • RD03875
    So glad to hear the surgery will be done! Hope you can find come inexpensive accommodations in Portland.
    1948 days ago
    Such a wise idea to plan to go a day ahead and spend the night in a motel.... Weather is so uncertain at that time of year.....

    Glad you enjoyed your baking. I did not do anything this year or for several years..... sometimes I miss it, but actually I miss the eating more, and THAT I can do without, lol

    1948 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Glad you made it safely out there in those conditions! I hate the uncertainty of winter weather when we have to travel. Looks like my mom is going to have a good travel day on Sunday to come out to my place for the week. It's mostly interstate, but still, lots of high elevations and that can make even the best of roads yucky! We have been dealing with that for 13 years now!

    Glad surgery is scheduled. Praying all goes well, then, now, and always!!
    1948 days ago
  • GAMMY98
    Things are sounding great for the surgery. I know how you are feeling about the driving part. I start checking weather reports a week ahead when I am traveling to Beth's in the winter. I am lucky enough to chose the day I want to travel you will not have that privilege. I agree with the hotel that is what I would do. So much less stress on both of you. You are both already going to have a lot of stress getting ready for the surgery. emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    Some good ideas here, Pat. Both my mother and my friend, who just had a hip replacement, attended a hospital class prior to surgery and spent 4-5 days in the hospital before being released. A physical therapist made home visits several times for 2 weeks. They both made good recoveries but they also followed post op instructions.

    A shower chair was helpful and a "grabber," a tool to help pick up things without a lot of bending or stooping.

    emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    praying for you both all the best HUGS
    1948 days ago
    Check with your doctors office. At my hospital we offer a class for hip and knee replacement surgeries or if you are unable to attend the class we have a packet of information that our educator mails out to all the patients.
    1948 days ago
    What a relief that surgery is scheduled!! The weather could be a problem and I think you are smart to go early and have a back up plan to stay an extra day. Do any local hotels give discounts for patients? I ask because when my brother had cataract surgery, a nearby hotel offered special rates for him and wife. Good luck! You are so efficient I'm sure you'll have everything figured out and ready to go when the time comes! Let's get this over with!! How are his shingles? Has he been able to shave??? So glad that didn't muck up surgery!!
    1948 days ago
    Great that the surgery is scheduled!! Good luck!!
    1948 days ago
    ok pat this is the idea..consider a bed and breakfast somewhere close into portland like biddeford maybe..there are lots of them there and it's winter especially on the beach and you might find a nice one for far less than a hotel and it's less than a 15 minute trip to maine medical (I used to drive it everyday when i worked there) and because it is winter and they are on the beaches there you may be able to get a week in one for less than one night in a hotel..i can vouch for the place being nearly empty in the wintertime and i saved on the beach all winter with my son for 70 dollars a week..of course that was a while back but look around there and get it done as there is time for you to google that stuff and get it found and make yourself a bargain for sure..and if you find you have to stay a few extra days you won't have to worry about the roads so much
    knows i loves you
    the lady mary
    1948 days ago
  • TERRI289
    Thumbs glad that things are lining up. I love the hotel idea...that way it takes some pressure off the process!!

    Sweet dreams. emoticon
    1948 days ago
    1948 days ago
    Pat, glad to hear things are moving forward. Please be extra careful. The hotel sounds like a wonderful idea. Hope you are able to figure the rest of what you and your DH need for that time. HUGS, Terry
    1948 days ago
    Glad you are safe and all is a go. Sounds like a solid plan having a hotel room as well. We will keep you in our prayers. emoticon
    1948 days ago
  • ANNIE924
    Hi Pat:

    So happy that your DH surgery is scheduled. I would suggest that you get a hotel the night before, I know I would hate to miss the surgery because of a storm after such a long wait. I had my hip replacement in the summer time so that was not an issue for me.

    Like others I can't believe he will be released to go home the next day. I stayed in the hospital 4 days, and they made sure I could handle stairs to get into my apt before releasing me. Also had several visits from the physiotherapist to assist me in learning how to complete my exercises.

    Did the pre op conference include a list of how to set up your house? Bath chair, chairs and bed high enough so the hip is not extended beyond 90 degrees, commode attachment at the right height, etc. There is a lot of preparation involved, but I know you will both be glad when it is over. Does DH have a walker and a cane available. I used the walker for a few weeks and gradually graduated to the cane and eventually to nothing at all.

    If you have any questions that I can help with, please don't hesitate to contact me. It's been 1 1/2 years since my surgery, and I have not had a single regret. The relief from the constant pain in my hip was immediate and after my incision healed very nicely.

    Take care.

    1948 days ago
    I can understand your problem with the weather at this time of year. I used to have to travel around 70 miles one way in bad weather a few times a week and it can be very nerve racking. It sounds like you are coming up with some good solutions. You might check into asking a friend, preferably a husband and wife team, if they would be available to help you if you need it. The might feel more comfortable driving in bad weather and can help you get your hubby in and out of the house safely. I'm sure they would love to help. If the weather is bad enough the hospital may be willing too keep him longer and some even offer free or reduced priced accommodations for family.
    1948 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Glad you made it safely! I have zero experience driving in those conditions and hope to keep it that way! Me being a chicken, I would be happy to have a big hotel bill and be SAFE!
    1948 days ago
    I'm glad you made it there and back safely and that you have a date for the surgery. Your plan to go a day ahead sounds like a good decision.


    Judy emoticon

    1948 days ago
    Oh Pat! I'm glad you made it safely.

    I have not had a hip replacement but did have a knee replacement. We did get a hotel so we could arrive the night before surgery to be sure to get there and good thing, too, because it was horrid weather, just as you had today! But we made it safe & sound.

    I am awestruck that he'd have a hip replacement and be on his way the next day! Don't they do any discharge teaching, like how to maneuver with the hip replacement???? I had 2 days of physical therapy training me how to use my walker, navigate steps and the like.

    Sheesh! I for sure would stay @ the hotel that day of discharge . . . just in case anything happens!

    1948 days ago
    Hip replacement? And this is an in and out same day thing? Oh my goodness. I will sure be praying for him. Our trainer in Palm Springs his wife ahd Hip Replacement surgery this year earlier and se was not a happy camper for a couple months and needed great help in the home. I am hoping one of your son's will be coming to help assist you.
    1948 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Your idea of a hotel the night before is a good one. That's what we do when we have an early flight to Australia. Rather than not sleep for worrying about waking up at 2.30am, getting shuttle etc, we book a hotel near the airport and can sleep, get a wake-up call, and use their free 24 hour shuttle to get there. You are less frazzled the next day.
    All the best for the journey and the surgery. It was an inspiration to get advice from someone who knows the hospital and its systems.
    1949 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    So glad this is behind you and the surgery is scheduled.

    Good job on driving through those conditions. I only did that once and it was when our middle son was in college in Lawrence. He was dismissed for the Christmas vacation and his car was in the shop so I took out for Lawrence only to get caught in a storm but we made it there and back home and have a lovely Christmas.

    Take care and get some rest.

    1949 days ago
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