Let's Talk: Commitment

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Many a times I've faltered at keeping to schedule. When you're late for work it's a completely different story than when you're late to your workout. I've missed many a workouts because I couldn't will myself out of bed at 9AM on a Saturday morning, but I have yet to miss work because of such a reason.

I'm sure many of you would agree that saying you're committed is completely different from actually following through so one of the most important parts of commitment is (and in my opinion has to be!) the big picture.

What the hell is the big picture? Well, if you were to find yourself lying in bed at 9:05AM on a day off what would make you get up and strap on your shoes? Would it be training for a race? Or maybe you're just looking to stay in shape? This will be the concept for your painting (just roll with me on this one).

Once you've got a concept, you want to think about the mood. What are you looking to feel? In shape? Inspiration?

I, for example, want to feel like competition. I want people to look at me and think "man, I've been running for 10 years and I don't know if even I could outrun her!" But what will I need to get there? Colors. This is where you begin to really hone in on translating your picture to the canvas. So, think about how to make your initial concept as specific as possible (we're getting into goal building here). If training for a race would make you get up, then find a race and register. Write it in your calendar, make it your status update, put it as your phone background. It can't just be some obscure idea in the back of your mind.

Next you want to think about technique. Draft up a schedule. Your initial schedule may not work, so don't worry if you have to change it. This step can also be looking up training programs and adapting it to your schedule (and be completely honest. Are you sure you really have NO time to work out? Why not do push ups in between that episode of Scandal?) What will be your reward for sticking to a workout or for reaching a milestone?

Finally, put your painting up everywhere. If I weren't so short, I'd literally make a Fitness collage right over my bed on the ceiling. Instead, since I tend to spend quite some time on my computer I have multiple post-it notes with my goals, and my background tends to reflect my Fitness wants (at the moment, it is a Nike ad that affirms "I run to be fierce"). You could even employ a friend to keep you accountable-- this works best if they'll get up and work out with you.

Your painting at first may not be a Picasso. It's gonna be hard stuff at first, but if you remind yourself what the big picture is you'll find that after a while you will see major improvements. You will begin to build a repertoire. And maybe you'll find that you;ve got a great idea for the your next big picture, but you'll always know that it started with that very first one.

My Big Picture

First half-marathon in 2013!

Using Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Novice Training Program

Follow my progress on my blog The Little Dominican Runs thelittledominicanruns.t
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