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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I feel like I have so much info in my brain right now just waiting to get out, but at the same time I go to start typing and it is like this ______________________________
___ *crickets*

Absolutely nuthin'! hahaha Funny how that works sometimes.

Anyways, I guess I'll start with the fact (as mentioned on my status yesterday) that after 5 WHOLE DAYS of resting the knee, following Dr's orders, that I was finally able to head out for a run. I won't lie - I was SO nervous! The anxiety level was super high because I was just scared that I'd get going and the pain would still be there. I had planned on going nice and slow and not following the "plan" at all (I'll get back to that in a moment)...so I leashed up Pepper and then got moving and kept moving for the entire 10 minute warm-up and then the first interval of 1/4 mile at no prescribed pace and felt great the entire time! Then it was a 1/4 mile walking followed by 3 more intervals of 1/4 mile on, 1/4 mile off. Absolutely NO pain the entire time! Can I just tell y'all what a RELIEF that was!?!?

As you know I'm supposed to be training for a half marathon and I had put together a really awesome plan, but because of the knee issue all my plans were smashed to bits and I picked up the pieces to glue them back together but in a completely different design. I now have no expectations for this race except to finish it. So my training has changed just a bit. The first couple runs this week will have no set pace and then beginning next week I'll start gradually building some type of speed back up; but NOWHERE near to previous paces. I'm going to keep it in the 11:00 min/mile pace for the fastest workouts (i.e. in shorter intervals), but closer to a 12 min/mile on average. My goal at this point is to just gradually rebuild strength and distance and not worry about speed at all. Hopefully that keeps my knee nice and healthy and I can really ramp back up in February for the next half in May.

Oh - something that I'm super excited about...I got an email yesterday from the FIRST Institute, which is the place that developed the plan I was using "Run Less, Run Faster" and there was a little note towards the end that mentioned they are developing an app for the plan! No more conversion tables! WOOHOO!!! I'm super excited for that app to come out and I'm hoping it is by February when I'm ready to hit it again! Technology - it CAN be a good thing sometimes!

So when I saw the Doctor last week he said I should start taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM supplements. I got those Monday and began taking right away...and have had an upset stomach since! I went online and, yep, wouldn't you know it, some of the side effects are upset stomach and nausea. Well, DARN! I did take all three at one time, so I'm going to try splitting them up throughout the day so I'm taking one with each main meal and if that doesn't work then I'll try taking them before bed. And if THAT doesn't work, then they have it in liquid form or chewables too so I'll give those a try. I'm just hoping that I can find a way to take these things without having all kinds of GI issues. *sigh* if it isn't one thing, it's another.

The other thing about seeing the doctor the other day was he gave me some paperwork for labs and x-rays since I was overdue for the basics, along with an x-ray for the knee just to make sure there isn't anything there. But one of the tests was a MAMMOGRAM!! Now, I'm perfectly happy to go get one done, but it was just such a sharp reminder that I'm friggin' FORTY now! hahaha It was kind of the "UGH - how DARE you remind me of that especially when my body is falling apart and I have grays sprouting like crazy and no time to color so I can forget they are there!" :-) The nerve, right?! I kid...sort of.

I mentioned in my status update today that I have 2.5 days until staycation! So I just have to get through the rest of today, tomorrow and half day Friday and then I'm off for three ENTIRE WEEKS! I'm excited...but at the same time it does make me a little nervous as I'm going to have to really work at behaving myself and not starting off the new year with all kinds of bad habits. I really want to still get up early (maybe not 3:45 AM, but by 4:30 at the latest) and get a workout in 6 days a week. I want to make sure I drink my water daily. I want to check in on Spark on a regular basis. I may not want to be tied to my desk while at home, but I don't want to fall off the face of the planet either. It's going to be a challenge, that's for sure!

Alright, I've blabbered on enough for today. I posted a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with health and fitness over on the other site so if you want to take a break from healthy schtuff and enjoy the best of holiday commercialism you might want to check it out over at the other site: bit.ly/12AyAB0

Have a WooHoo Wednesday everyone!
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