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Jared The Subway Guy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last night I started reading Jared the Subway guy's book and could not put it down. Got up this morning really early and finished the book. It was a good read really worth my time. I got it at the library so it cost me nothing but I would have bought, it it was that good.

Jared at his top weight weighted 425 pounds and he lost down to 180 in 11 months. He did it eating Subway subs but that was not all. He did research on eating less fattening foods and staying in a healthy calorie allotment for the day. He made wiser choices in what he ate. He changed the way he was eating and the way he handled doing the things he enjoyed with out eating fattening foods. He started walking instead of taking the buss, it was not easy for him at his weight but he was determined to change his life and get healthier.

Jared inspired me, he lit a fire in me like I have not been lit in a while. He inspired me to throw out the fattening snack I was eating and clean my cupboards of all the fattening snacks I had stock piled up. All the things I said I could just eat a little of but knew once I started I would eat lots of portions, if not the whole box.

Jared has 13 lessons for changing your life and the ones that got me thinking were:
"Do something, when your stuck in a rut, try something, anything to get yourself out of it. Be willing to risk failure.

One size doesn't fit all. Analyze your problem and create a plan of action that you feel will work uniquely for you. Think out size the box."

This is what got to me the most and got me thinking about what I was doing and what was not working for me. Like most days I would track what I wanted to eat and would see that it was below my calorie allotment for the day, so I would go looking for more to eat and end up going over my calorie allotment. This would go on for many days. I am not losing weight this way. I need to stand fast and eat what little I want to eat most days and be able to spurge on other days for some thing special.

I set little streaks for myself and post them on my page and at the end of my posts on Spark teams. Most of the streaks I have been doing fairly well on, not perfect but getting there. The streak that I have to keep starting over is staying in my calorie allotment for the day. I am going to take this streak off and just eat what I want with in reason. Some days I may eat below 1,200 but other days I may eat above it. I have Spark Coach so I can ask the coaches a question once a week. I asked the coaches if it was okay to eat under my calorie allotment for a day, and they said it was okay as long as I did not do it every day. So some days I will be eating below and some days above my calorie allotment for the day. I see that it will all work its self out. I am thinking out side the box. I will keep you posted on how it works for me .
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