Tee-hee...I'm getting faster!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today was a 30 minute run day. I was wearing my brand new Saucony running shoes - pretty teal! It was warm, but not hot. And I ran my farthest 30 minute run yet - 2.58 miles. Still not setting any land speed records, but dang, it beats the heck out of 2.15 miles in 30 minutes (which was NOT that long ago)!

Total mileage-2.58. Average pace-11:38 min/mile.
mile 1 - 11:51 avg pace
mile 2 - 11.41 avg pace
last 0.58 - 11:12 avg pace

Obviously, from the negative splits, I'm not 'leaving it all out there.' But I sure am leaving a LOT more of it than I had been. How much faster could I push myself (without totally dying before the run is done). Would it be worth it, or should I just aim for incrementally better each (most) run(s)? These are the questions that plague runners.

For now, tho, I'm happy. Better is good. Better, with still sore from the last long run legs, is pretty danged awesome. What will I be able to accomplish on Thursday? Guess we'll have to wait & see emoticon
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