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Find joy where you can

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sometimes terribly sad things happen. The shooting in an American school, the break up of a relationship, my Grandma dying.
I spent most of Saturday crying, and have randomly broken out crying at least once every day since.

But you can't let things like that stop your life. I'm so upset that I won't see my lovely Grandma again til I get to heaven, but that hasn't stopped me from going running or wearing the Christmas earrings I wear every year or smiling when something good happens.

No matter what happens you can always find joy somewhere. It's just a matter of noticing it.
Yesterday I found it in ignoring the cries of "I can't do it" from my legs and running faster for the last minute of my 28-minute run.
Today I found it at work of all places. Sometimes I can go a whole day without saying more than 10 words, but today so many people spoke to me. I walked to and from the subway with people I never usually walk with, and had fun conversations on the way. I saw a worker who hasn't been in for a while and her first words to me were "Wow, you're so small!"
Tiny little things, but they made me smile and that counts for a lot when I'm trying very hard not to cry.

So whatever situation you're in, you can always improve it by looking for happiness. I'm positive you'll find it.
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