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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I haven't felt motivated to write a blog for a while, but that's not to say I'm not working my plan or have abandoned SparkPeople. I still log in every day. I still check my friend feed to see what my peeps are up to on their blogs and status updates. Still spinning that wheel and logging in my fitness minutes.

I'm not that great at logging food these days. I know when I have a pig-out day, I'll have some terrible numbers. Yesterday hubby and I ate at Chile's (or is it Chili's?) because we had a gift card. We had to go to the Apple Store in Jacksonville which is about 35 miles away. It's so hard to be super-good at a restaurant, especially when you can have just about anything you want money-wise! We ate chips and guac. I love guacamole. It's high in calories and fat, but the fat is good for you. Go figure. I chose a steak as my entree that came with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I hardly ever eat mashed potatoes because my kids don't like them (isn't that weird?). I chose to drink water to push my water intake. I'm doing great in that department!

When I got home, I decided not to fix a dinner since hubby and I were stuffed. The kids don't mind "fending for themselves" so I didn't feel too bad. I ended up knocking out the low-fat cookies I made. Those cookies are so good. They don't have butter in them, but they do have brown sugar and canola oil along with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, greek yogurt, and raisins. Hopefully the fiber offsets excessive calories, carbs, and fat! They are gone now, so the temptation is gone with them.

I'm still doing my Wii Fit. I love how it keeps up with fitness minutes and calories burned. I input whatever the Wii tells me I accomplish each day. I am also wearing my pedometer and logging in the piddly number of steps I am getting. I thought I would rack up some steps going to the Town Center since parking is always a bear, but I've made more steps today just knocking around the house than I did yesterday! I'm still into my NEAT moving to not be sedentary for hours on end. I think I'm getting a little stronger muscle-wise with all these calisthenics!

I have purchased just about everything I'm going to for the kids' Christmas. I need to get busy wrapping! The kids love to rip open presents. They are not into gift bags.

It's terrible what happened in Connecticut. I have seen some of the coverage on TV, but I don't watch a lot of it. I get to feeling terrible when I focus on these kinds of tragedies. I love how Saturday Night Live had some kids singing "Silent Night" in the CT victims' honor. I also liked the singing on Wendy Williams's show in their memory. I know schools all over America are thinking of ways to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in their location. I feel we must all live boldly despite the evil in the world. If God wants me to die in a hail of gunfire, I'm prepared to go. I refuse to let fear and worry stop me from living or to stop my kids from living. I know I'm not in the majority, but I think we need more gun control in the USA. I don't think we need for our citizens to have automatic weapons. I don't think people should be able to buy guns at gun shows without background checks. I think guns and ammo should be taxed heavily and ammunition needs to be as controlled as sudafed is. Laws won't prevent every nut from going on a killing spree, but they could have an effect. No other country is as free and easy with guns as ours and no other country has as much gun violence either. Please don't respond to correct me of my views. You are welcome to your own. Trust me, my Facebook buddies and Sunday School Class have reassured me that gun laws are just fine the way they are. We don't have to agree.

Hope all of you are doing fine and accomplishing your goals.
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    Moderation is everything... even when it comes to gun control. Nuff said, right?

    I am so happy that you are feleing more strong and that you are still getting your Wii Fit time in and that you are getting along with the computer. I still find it horribly funny that it makes comments that are not always motivating! I laugh at my best friend's when she uses it. She just found out she is pregnant and it told her that she was "packing on the pounds, aren't you?" I hollered laughing and grabbed my tummy laughing and she GLARED at me... a very serious glare. She is not a happy pregnant woman. Not at all!

    But congratulations for keeping it going. I am proud of you!
    2253 days ago
    I think you're doing great. I'm pretty sure we all think that someone out there is doing it "perfectly" and that that someone is NOT us. I think there's imperfection built into the program. People will slip. Last week I had to play a show where I broke down and ate milk-based risotto, salmon (not that bad for me except the piece was HUGE), and bread pudding with caramel sauce for dessert. But it was just one day, out of 14. Pretty good odds if y'ask me.
    Funny thing about it is, we think we want to reward ourselves for perfection only; for logging in every day, consuming the water, tracking like pros, long, loong sparkstreaks, exercising for hours - when in truth overcoming slip-ups is one of the most key aspects of this program. There should be a TROPHY for THAT!!
    So, here ya go:
    We will be imperfect. But We SHALL overcome!!!!
    Over & over!!!!!!!
    2254 days ago
    Sounds like the spruge wasn't that bad. We have to "treat" ourselves once in awhile to know that we are human. As long as we get back on the right track afterwards. It shows we are learning we can control our mind and mouth.

    Working at a school, I understand the heart felt problems of protecting our kids.
    We have a good lock down situation at ours but some soul with problems could always find a way. Mental health needs to looked into more for the young.

    I wasn't going to bake anything this year but the kids looked disappointed so broke down and made some cookies and homemade caramels for them. We always do just snacks on the Eve and do games with the kids after church. Christmas day is a meal of Ham, potatoes,pineapple hot dish and their pies. I plan on some sweet potatoes and being careful on how much I eat. I find I fill up faster now and can now stop before misserable. emoticon

    2254 days ago
    I am so with you on the changes needed in gun control. People simply do not need automatic weapons and they definitely need to have background checks.
    2255 days ago
    It was good to catch up with you. I am slowly making my way through wrapping gifts and making christmas treats for the kids teachers. I wonder if you burn calories resisting taste tests?

    We share similar views on the loss of 26 people. I cannot watch too much because it makes me feel less than useless - all that pent up WHY and no where to put it. I did see a nice tribute on the Voice. It was quite moving. I happen to agree that more regulation is needed, but also, more avenues for people to get the psychological help they need for their kids, early on. So many opportunities to make positive changes - I hope our government can actually step outside their egos to make it happen.

    Oh, and one other thing. Track your food. It'll keep you honest, and get you back on track if you are out for that slippery slope!

    2255 days ago
  • 1EMMA2011
    I so agree with your blog. We regulate everything except guns. It isn't logical to me. I don't get it. The Shriners have gun shows in my zip code. It makes me feel sad. I can no longer support them. They are going to the Rose Bowl parade so I can't support that. Not that I make any sort of difference. I'm just a tiny spark for this matter.

    Sounds like you have your program down and I feel happy for you. Funny my husband and I just went out for lunch too and I even had some fries. Your timing was perfect!

    Life is good. We've made it through the year. Can't wait to see how far all of us will be next year at this time. I bet we'll have done pretty well because yes, you and I are very bold and willing to take on challenges to achieve excellent results!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2255 days ago
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