Let's get real about tomorrow's weigh in

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For those of us who committed to weighing in on Wednesdays, tomorrow is that day!
My emotions are like they've always been, I'm anxious, nervous, excited and hopeful.

So if you're new to this... NO MATTER WHAT THE SCALE SAYS, if you can say you made a real effort this week, then you are winning, you ARE on the right track!

Here's the deal:
Scales are not ALWAYS going to reflect your work, believe me, I know all about the scale not budging... but there are other things you can do to see the fruit of your labor.

You can measure...
if you're getting close to your goal this is something you SHOULD be doing because MOST of the time towards the end THIS is where you WILL see results.

Rate your energy level...
This may seem silly but honestly, if your energy level is higher, focus on that, because that's a BIG deal! It's a step in the right direction

Ask yourself:
Did I do more in my workouts?
Did I last longer?
How was my endurance?
How was my stamina?

If you answer positively to any of those, celebrate!! You may not of seen results this weigh in, but if you keep it up I promise you will!

Let's get real...

This is not a blog of EXCUSES!

I am NOT giving you reasons to give when the scale didn't move or went in the wrong direction.
If you didn't put forth any effort this week, then don't be surprised if you have a "sad" weigh in.

Now then... If you really tried this week, I'm trying to give YOU some encouragement!
There truly are reasons you may not see the scale move, water weight and so on. So focus on what I've mentioned, and try again this week!

If this was your first week at trying, you SHOULD of seen some results, if you were counting calories and burning them for the first time, there SHOULD be a loss. If not, you may need to check what your intake should be, and how many you are supposed to burn, and MAKE SURE you're hitting that target.

Maybe you started off strong and faded, don't be discouraged! It's a lifestyle change, you didn't develop all your bad habits over night, and you're not going to change your health overnight either. The point is to keep at it, keep going, for your family, for you!

NEXT WEEKS weigh in... I realize, it's the day after Christmas... Guess what? NO EXCUSES!!!!!
STEP ON THAT SCALE!! And log it when you're able(if you're out of town as I will be)

You NEED to see where you're at on a weekly basis.
Life happens, and there may be a gain next week, get over it, move on, and rock that weight off!

Let's get real people! Let's get through the holidays TRYING to change our lives! If we allow ourselves to "go back" to how we were because of holidays then we will never get where we want. Sure, have that cookie, notice I didn't say cookieS. Be mindful of everything you put into your mouth... is it for fuel, or enjoyment? Don't give yourself too much luxury, after all, you're changing because you're tired of where you're at, right?????

Let's rock it peeps! Weigh in... TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Much love,


I started my journey in the month of November, and lost weight every week through the holidays and was down 20 pounds in January (above)...NO excuses!
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