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Overeating today may not kill me but.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When a recovering gambling addict has a slip, he could wake up the next morning $100,000 in debt to the wrong people. When a recovering alcohol or drug addict has a slip, he could wake up the next day fired, divorced or in jail. Or dead and not wake up at all. When a recovering food addict has a slip, he will wake up the next day......what? Miserable, yes. Guilty, yes. With self-loathing, yes. But dead, fired or in jail? No. Would the threat of death help people not overeat? I don't know; there are too many gamblers and drug addicts that still don't get it, even sitting in jail the next day. Again.

What I'd really like to know is why we think that despair and self-loathing is better than jail. Is it? It is a self-imposed prison, visible only to those in it. I saw a dessert called "Death by Chocolate", and it was supposed to be funny. To those in that self-imposed prison it isn't death and it isn't funny. It may be early death in the long run, just not tomorrow. It's still early death, preceded by a lifetime of despair.

And are all those Christmas goodies really worth it?
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  • SHARON10002
    Well said, although I do believe the saying "everything in moderation". That is what my plan is for Christmas.
    2867 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2332407
    Great Blog and very well said. emoticon
    2867 days ago
    At the party for Foster kids last night, I was so tired that when I did eat, I ate foods that I usually avoid. My weight was up some this morning, but at least I know what to do.
    I do avoid most of the those goodies. Since I'm not used to them, I don't desire them. My SIL makes old fashioned tea cakes that are small and light. I will eat one or two Saturday, but avoid all the other goodies.
    2868 days ago
    When I overeat or eat the wrong type food, I pay for it that night and sometimes the following day or two. I have IBS and eating at night or too much can make me ill. Eating foods too high in fat and/or protein often make me feel awful. I should eat small frequent meals to keep my stomach happy, but I don't. I tend to eat most of my food in the middle of the day as a compromise. emoticon
    2869 days ago
    Thanks, once again, Nell, for telling it like it is. I caught myself telling somebody just yesterday that I didn't know what all the fuss about eating on Christmas day's just one day!!! My one days have been going on for years. I say: Well, I keep under my "ceiling weight". The truth is: my ceiling weight has changed five times as my goal weight gets further and further away.
    All the Best,
    2869 days ago
    Great blog. No the treats are not worth it and waking up happy is so nice.
    2869 days ago
  • JEANNE229
    Great "food" for thought (forgive the pun). You hit it right on the mark.
    2869 days ago
    great blog very useful
    2870 days ago
    Excellent and timely blog. Thanks so much!
    2870 days ago
    What a powerful, hard-hitting blog: talk about "taking no prisoners:!!

    Of course overeating has both short terms and longer term consequences: misery, discomfort, guilt now and potentially heart disease, diabetes, cancers of various types later (to name a few).

    It amazes me how often people warn me that excessive diligence around food may "take away the joy of the season" etc etc. Hmmmmm. Gotta find joy in other ways than overeating, I'm guessing!!
    2870 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/18/2012 8:23:10 PM
  • --KREN
    I can't imagine you EVER overeating, Nell! I hope you're doing good after your surgery.

    2870 days ago
    To me, they're not worth it, at least not in more than very small doses. I love cooking and baking at the holidays because those are traditions I was raised with. Rather than giving these things up entirely, which wouldn't make me happy, I designated last Saturday as my holiday baking day. I made several batches of my favorite cookies that day, sampled a few and boxed up 95% of the rest to give away as gifts. I've been slowly rationing out the few that remain to myself (and my husband!), so I can have a small taste of my holiday memories without overdoing it. This seems like a reasonable compromise to me and one that won't compromise my health!
    2870 days ago
    2870 days ago
    Well put, and something to keep in mind especially this time of year with the extra treats everywhere.
    2870 days ago
  • GABY1948
    GREAT blog. Thank you!
    2870 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    No, all of the Christmas goodies aren't worth it to me. I am huge lover of sweet treats, so I have to really be focused and diligent over the next week or so.

    Thanks for the reminder that... it's not worth it.
    2870 days ago
  • MKELLY72
    I was just contemplating this kind of thing yesterday....add the holiday baking I did on Saturday...was it like bringing crack right into my house (if I were a crack addict) and laying it out on the table? Why would I choose to put myself through the temptation? And it was not the best planning as far as TOM goes either.
    Thanks, Nell

    2870 days ago
    Very insightful and very well put. I have, in the past, woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick - sick to my stomach and sick in my heart/soul because I had a day of very poor food choices that I made for myself. Overeating and indulging has the same effect as other addictions do. The addiction seduces you into thinking "it'll be okay after this" (whatever your 'this' is). However, the subsequent surrender to the unhealthy choice does lead to disappointment and self loathing.

    I despise this time of year because of all the pressures put upon us. The bombardment of cookie and cake and alcohol ads really infuriates me not the mention the financial pressures so many face during the holidays. I've really scaled back on the holiday celebrations and preparations. I don't bake for neighbors anymore - or for family gatherings. The less I have to handle the junk food, the better off I am. I get store bought and the box stays at the household it was intended for. If people bring goodies to my home, I bring them into work for others - or I throw them out.

    Sorry, didn't mean to ramble - thanks for posting, Pat
    2870 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    Fat can be and often is the enemy of our bodies. Look at your enemy, does one really think that giving it probation is healthy to living? We can choose to stop enabling our enemy from doing more harm. God bless everyone's positive mindset,Earl emoticon
    2870 days ago
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