Monday Check In

Monday, December 17, 2012

So I've been off sugar for 2 weeks now (assuming I manage the rest of today) and am down 3 pounds (as of weigh-in this morning, and again according to the higher of the two numbers from my scale). Which is awesome! I've had a couple of days over my calories in the past week, but really not too bad. That puts me 2 weeks ahead of schedule, or gives me wiggle room for 2 weeks of plateau later. Good thing to have. I'm still aiming for 10% gone (reaching 168 lbs) by the end of May. If I can step up the exercise habit after Christmas/New Year's AND keep the good eating going I might just manage to avoid the plateau. But enough of counting my chickens before they're hatched. Tonight is the holiday party for my Chorus and I need to be very careful not to give into the tempting sweets. I don't want to lose my momentum now! I have 600-900 left today. I'm going to try to practice very carefully my mindful eating (hard to do at a party!) and listening to my body and stopping when I'm full and not just eating cuz it's social. I will NOT use food as a way to escape any awkward conversations tonight. I will NOT eat just cuz it's there. Those are my goals! I'll let y'all know tomorrow how it goes!
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