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Monday, December 17, 2012

So I’ve been busy being not busy. Lately.

Last week started out crappy. I had one of the worst migraines I’ve had in a long time. The weather change and allergies have been affecting a lot of people around here. So after waking up at 5am in pain from the migraine, taking meds, and crawling back to bed… I had to get up and ready for a work meeting they rescheduled to include me in.

After that horrible 4 hour meeting (we didn’t leave until almost 1PM!) I went back home and crawled back in bed. BUT since I had surgery the next day and my mother was coming down to stay I had to clean. It wasn’t much since I had deep cleaned for the party that weekend, but it was enough that I had to actually get up and move and do it.

I guess I should re-cap the weekend before I get to the surgery stuff. I stupidly offered to host the grad student holiday party at my house. And that meant cooking as well. And cleaning. In my stupid head it also seemed like the perfect time to clean and organize my closets. So my office closet was done the week before – now my closet, the hall closet, the linen closet, and the closet in the spare room that I’m now renting out is also clean. So then I had to actually clean the rooms.

I’ve been trained to freak out and clean if anyone is coming over, so I had to over do it. TJ was down and busily watching the Army/Navy game while I ran around freaking out. I had to cook a turkey! And surprise, surprise the people who bought it didn’t let me get it early enough so it was still frozen that morning. After some more thawing in the sink in the morning, it was still only partially frozen inside when I was getting it ready to put in the oven. *I couldn’t find the giblets because it was still so frozen deep inside of the turkey (eep!)

And then I had rolls to make, and stuffing, and mashed potatos, and gravy… basically an entire thanksgiving dinner. People were supposed to bring side dishes and desserts… guess what. They didn’t. Cue STRESS. I ended up microwaving vegetables and boiling some carrots. And people offered to help, but I didn’t really let them. So all in all I made a 20# garlic/herb/butter roasted turkey with lemons and oranges inside, mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, brown gravy, sausage/apple stuffing, vegetarian stuffing, yeast rolls, parker house rolls, mixed vegetables, and boiled carrots. By myself. For 23 people. I officially went off the deep end stress wise. I ended up not even really eating. I was so beyond the point of ridiculousness by that point that I just sat on the floor and played with my friends baby. Then I ate a lot of chocolate.

So Sunday I just kind of relaxed on the couch with TJ. And didn’t really do much of anything but eat leftovers and some more chocolate.

Then the Monday migraine…

Which brings us up to Tuesday. So three months ago I had my bat wing/chicken wing/extra arm skin removed from both arms. They didn’t match perfectly so I had one small thing on the right side to fix and a chunk of fat to remove from my left elbow so it looked the same size as my right elbow. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I didn’t think that it would be as bad as it has been.

Plus my mom was here. She’s nuts. She hates the fact that I have a roommate, but also tells me I’m not smart with my money which the roommate helps to bring in… so cest la vie. I deal. She was more nervous upset than I was about the surgery. She gets over protective and nervous and fidgety, which annoys the crap out of me, which then annoys her because I’m not grateful, which then incites a vicious cycle. Add in a lot of pain meds and a surgery and after three or four days we’re about to kill each other.

This time around I didn’t get anesthesia. I just got some valium and a little more dopey meds and locals. So basically I got to watch. This probably grosses out a lot of people, but I’m a scientist and I’m weird. What kind of surprised me was the fact that instead of just removing the small part on the right side that stuck out, my doctor decided to remove my entire right armpit scar and give me a new one that would look better. Apparently I stretched it out too much and he wanted to give me a better looking scar. So now I have a 6” scar in my armpit healing instead of just a small 1 or 2” one that I was expecting.

The left side I knew would be more extensive. They didn’t really wrap me up as well as they did the first time, so I get to see all of the gross stitches and stuff as they are healing. When my mom and I tried to cover everything with gauze since I was still a little bloody, we used standard bandage tape. Turns out… I’m allergic. Found that out the next morning when I had giant water blisters everywhere the tape touched my skin.

So that’s been fun. I definitely used my Percocet and valium to help me get through a) recovery and b) that much time with my mother. But now its been a week and I’m still in pain and my stitches are still red. This may or may not be normal so I’m on my way to the doc to get them checked out.

I’ll add more details later, but I just wanted everyone to know what has been up for the last week or so.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Whoa Girly! What a weekend to cook such a HUGE meal and then have surgery and whatnot. I hope you feel better soon. I get migraines and know how they can be. UGH!
    1982 days ago
    Holy cow. You have been through the wringer. Once you get to the new year I bet you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. You won't have the holiday stress, you should be healing nicely, and things should get back closer to normal. Hang in there and get through it and know there's a light at the end of the tunnel and spark when you need to. We're here for ya!
    1982 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    Yyyyep, we have the same mom.

    I'm sorry you busted so much butt on the dinner party. I wouldn't have let anyone help either, but just because I would have been so angry at that point I wouldn't have WANTED their help. They should've brought sides if they wanted to help emoticon

    Your arms will look great after they heal. emoticon
    And believe me, I would've watched, too emoticon
    1982 days ago
  • EUEK098
    emoticon , recovery is no joke, hope you get back on your feet soon.
    1983 days ago
    Goodness sakes!! Reading all that stressed ME out, you poor woman!! I hope your arms are okay. emoticon
    1983 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear that your having a hard time with recovery this time around. I hope the Dr can give you something to help the healing and also the pain.

    I understand completely about spending all that time with your mom. I do not have a good relationship with my mother either.

    Hang in there!!
    1983 days ago
    Sounds like a lot!! Get some rest!! I hope everything is okay with the incisions.
    1983 days ago
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